Installing LibreOffice on Windows 10 in “S mode”

Certain versions of Microsoft Windows include “S mode” (also known as “Windows 10 S” or “Windows 10S”), which limits the range of software that users can install, and imposes other restrictions.

There are at least 75 million LibreOffice users who have installed the software on Windows 10 without any security or performance issues, so we would like to offer the same possibility to Windows 10 “S mode” users. If you’re running Windows 10 in “S mode” but can’t install LibreOffice, here are some options:

  • If you have some technical knowledge, you can switch out of “S mode” and get full control back over your computer, as described here – then you can install the applications you want

In addition, LibreOffice lets you store documents in the superior OpenDocument standard document format, which is not affected by the same security issues as DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files (according to security specialists Symantec, Kaspersky and Barracuda Networks, between 48% and 70% of malware attacks are based on Microsoft Office files).

If you need further help installing LibreOffice on Windows 10, please see Ask LibreOffice.