LibreOffice 6.3: 10 days of stats

On August 8, The Document Foundation announced the release of LibreOffice 6.3 with new features, performance boosts and compatibility improvements. A big thanks to our volunteer community and certified developers for making this release happen!

So, ten days later, let’s check out some stats…

429,848 downloads of LibreOffice 6.3

These are just stats for our official download page, of course – some Linux users will have acquired the new release via their distribution’s package repositories. And we still maintain the LibreOffice 6.2 branch, which has been tested for longer.

416,396 visits to our website

Our main website is the central resource for all things LibreOffice, including downloads, release notes, help, community assistance and more. On release day, we updated the New Features page, system requirements and other details.

54,059 views of the press release

Our announcement on the TDF blog got a lot of hits – but of course, it was also posted on our mailing lists and translated into other languages as well.

34,001 video views

We made a video highlighting some of the big changes in this release, and it has been viewed over 34,000 times. In large part, this is thanks to articles on technology websites that embedded it. Also, the video has subtitles in eight languages, thanks to our awesome community!

25,151 Twitter impressions

Our announcement tweet was also liked by 243 people, and retweeted 139 times. We also announced the release on Mastodon, with 85 boosts.

But it doesn’t stop here – our community is already working on the next release, LibreOffice 6.4! Join in and help with design, marketing, documentation, QA and many other tasks, pick up some valuable experience contributing to a well-known FOSS project, and let’s make it the best release ever!

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