Try the LibreOffice 2018 Christmas Quiz!

How much do you know about LibreOffice – the software, the community and its history? We’ve made a little quiz for you to try out, so check out the questions below, and you’ll find the answers at the bottom. Good luck :-)

1 – LibreOffice is a successor to, which was based on the proprietary suite StarOffice. Which company was behind StarOffice?

A: Star Corp
B: Solar Sys
C: Star Division

2 – In which year was The Document Foundation (TDF), the non-profit entity behind LibreOffice, legally established?

A: 2009
B: 2012
C: 2014

3 – Who is the current chairperson of TDF?

A: Marina Latini
B: Michael Meeks
C: Thorsten Behrens

4 – LibreOffice includes a graphics editing tool – what is it called?

A: Create
B: Draw
C: Graphic

5 – If you don’t like the default icon set in LibreOffice, how can you change it?

A: Under the Format menu
B: Via Tools > Options > View
C: Using an extension

6 – What’s the standard document format of LibreOffice called?

A: OpenDocument Format
B: OpenXML Format
C: LibreDocument Format

7 – What is a “Hybrid PDF?”

A: It includes interactive elements and animations
B: It includes all fonts, to display properly everywhere
C: It includes the original source document, to allow editing

8 – LibreOffice includes a dockable window to help you move around complex documents. What is it called?

A: DocBrowser
B: Navigator
C: Overview

9 – If you want Writer to automatically add numbered captions when inserting objects, where do you go?

A: Tools > Options > Objects > Preferences
B: Insert > Image > tick “Add captions” box
C: Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > AutoCaption

10 – With which major LibreOffice release did the branding change to include cubes?

A: LibreOffice 4
B: LibreOffice 5
C: LibreOffice 6

11 – LibreOffice 6.2 will include a new (optional) user interface design. What’s its name?

A: TabBar
B: GroupedBar
C: NotebookBar

12 – Where did the 2013 LibreOffice Conference take place?

A: Berlin
B: Milan
C: Paris

13 – And where will the 2019 Conference be?

A: Almeria
B: Stockholm
C: Budapest

14 – Markus Mohrhard is a long-time LibreOffice developer, who has been involved in the project since its early years. What is his nickname?

A: Moggi
B: Marko
C: Maggi

15 – Another hard-working member of the community is “raal”, who helps out with events in the Czech Republic. But what’s his real name?

A: Stanislav Horáček
B: Zdeněk Crhonek
C: Jan Dvořák

16 – Finally, who can join the LibreOffice project and help to improve the software?

A: Experienced C++ developers
B: Members of The Document Foundation
C: Absolutely anybody

And now, the answers:

1: C
2: B
3: A
4: B
5: B
6: A
7: C
8: B
9: C
10: C
11: C
12: B
13: A
14: A
15: B
16: C, of course!

We in the community wish you all a great Christmas and festive time, and a happy new year. Here’s to a great 2019, with many more LibreOffice releases, events and fun to be had!


  1. By rjadot

  2. By Hedaja