LibreOffice 6.1: A week in stats

On August 8, we announced LibreOffice 6.1, a new version of the suite with many great features and updates created by our worldwide community. Let’s look at some stats from the last week!


These are just stats for our official downloads page, of course – some Linux users will have acquired the new release via their distribution’s package repositories. And we still offer the LibreOffice 6.0 branch which is especially suited to enterprise deployments.

274,916 visits to our website

Our main website is the central resource for all things LibreOffice, including downloads, release notes, help, community support and more.

192,232 visits to our blog

Most of these were for the release announcement, but we’ve been posting other updates as well. On a related note, if you want to follow blog posts by other members of the LibreOffice community, check out the TDF Planet.

18,738 views of our New Features video

We made a video highlighting the new features in LibreOffice 6.1, with an awesome introduction created by our Taiwanese community. This video was embedded into various news websites that covered the release.

21,347 impressions of the announcement tweet

We use Twitter to spread the word about LibreOffice, free software and open standards, so a big thanks to our supporters who retweeted the announcement. It had 197 retweets and 269 likes.

Over 32,000 views of our Reddit “Ask us Anything”

One day after the release, team and board members from The Document Foundation, along with some community members, organised an “Ask us Anything” session on the /r/linux subreddit. This was an opportunity for free software and GNU/Linux fans to ask us all about the new release, and indeed anything else about LibreOffice. We had 205 comments and 312 upvotes.

But there’s more to come!

A huge thanks to our community for making LibreOffice 6.1 happen! But we’re not done yet; we’re already busy adding new features and updates to LibreOffice 6.2, which is due for release early next year – and you can help out! Whether it’s with design, marketing, documentation, coding or translations, you can get involved, join our friendly community and make a big difference to LibreOffice. Come join us!


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