LibreOffice 6.0: The stats so far

On January 31, we released LibreOffice 6.0 (shortly followed up by 6.0.1). So what has happened in the last two weeks? Let’s look at some statistics…


Yes, there have been almost 1 million downloads of LibreOffice 6.0 since release day. Of course, this is just part of the overall downloads of LibreOffice – we also offer the “still” 5.4 family, which has reached version 5.4.5 and is more suited to enterprise deployments.

661,539 visits to our website

Our main website is the central resource for all things LibreOffice, including downloads, release notes, help, community support and more.

252,495 visits to our blog

Most of these were for the release announcement, but we’ve been posting other updates as well. On a related note, if you want to follow blog posts by other members of the LibreOffice community, check out the TDF Planet.

Over 3,500 donations

Donations are the lifeblood of The Document Foundation: they help us to support the LibreOffice project with infrastructure, events and a small team working on release management, quality assurance (QA), marketing, design and documentation. Click here to see how we used donations in 2016 – and see this page if you’d like to support us too. A huge thanks to everyone who donated!

80,516 views of our New Features video

As with previous releases, for LibreOffice 6.0 we made a video showcasing some of the great new features. (And on the topic of videos, we’ve just uploaded talks and presentations from the LibreOffice community at FOSDEM, Europe’s biggest free software developer meetup – click here for the playlist.)

87,358 impressions of the announcement tweet

We use Twitter to spread the word about LibreOffice, free software and open standards, and thanks to our supporters who retweeted the announcement, over 87,000 people saw it. It also had 561 retweets and 621 likes.

32,578 people reached on Facebook

Another social media platform we use is Facebook, where our page has 51,987 likes. In addition, we’re active on Google+ where we have 16,731 followers, and our announcement of LibreOffice 6.0 received 217 +1s.

So that’s an overview of activity in the last two weeks – but there’s much more going on in the LibreOffice project! If you’d like to get involved with a friendly community that’s passionate about open source and open standards, you can help us in many ways – see this page to get started.

And thanks to everyone in the community who helped to make LibreOffice 6.0 happen!


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