Presenting LibreOffice Telegram channel

telegram_logo_smallFollowing the success of the LibreOffice Conference Telegram channel, we have asked our community – through an informal poll on the Telegram channel itself – if they wanted to keep the channel alive and change the name to LibreOffice Community. The feedback has been overwhelming, as 21 out of the 22 answers have been positive.

We have therefore changed the name of the Telegram channel to LibreOffice Community, and made the channel public to allow everyone to subscribe. The link is the following: To widen the reach, the channel is bridged to the #libreoffice-telegram IRC channel on Freenode. Please be aware that the objective of this channel is to share information and experiences amongst community members, and not to support end users.

End user support, as well as other strategic activities for the project, will continue to be managed through the current channels. For end user support, the different options available are listed here:

In addition to the discussion channel, we have also opened a Telegram broadcast channel, which will be used to increase the reach of our announcements: This channel will be used to broadcast announcements, and therefore will have a very low traffic.