Prototypefund: an opportunity for German freelance developers

The Document Foundation is happy to share with the community the opportunity represented by Prototypefund (, an excellent project for freelance developers based in Germany.

TDF Board of Directors encourages all hackers with the necessary credentials and interested in improving either LibreOffice or the Document Liberation Project to apply for the fund. Approved projects will be supported by the LibreOffice development community, which will provide the mentoring resources to achieve the objective.

This is a list of potential projects, which will be very helpful both for LibreOffice users and for the broad scope outlined by Prototypefund:

  1. Develop a LibreOffice Calc import filter from public administration sources, to allow citizen to process and analyze data themselves. Such an import filter would allow to easily create content for publication.
  2. Develop a digital tool based on LibreOffice, to create, share and use (open) data, for data visualization and storytelling, social engagement, transparency and citizen participation. An example project would be to create a filter that export diagrams in Calc to d3js for publication on the web.
  3. Develop an “open data browser” – most likely as an extension – capable of importing data made available at: into LibreOffice Calc or Base.
  4. Allow LibreOffice to read/process and render basic geographic data from OSM using Calc or Draw.

These are just examples, which can be used to look at Prototypefund in a creative way, to write the project (according to the website, one page should be enough to apply).

The Document Foundation is happy to help the interested developers with their pitch related to the development of LibreOffice.