Presenting Xisco Fauli, the new QA Engineer

developer_xisco_fauliXisco Fauli, a Spanish LibreOffice developer working in Madrid as a Quality Assurance (QA) specialist, will be a consultant for The Document Foundation effective from September 1st, as QA Engineer.

Xisco got a bachelor’s degree in system data processing at the Polytechnic University of València in 2011. Since then, he has worked for four years as a QA Engineer for a company providing Digital TV solutions, where he has focused mainly on testing software for PCs and portable devices.

Xisco has recently been interviewed by Mike Saunders based on his volunteer development activity and his involvement in the project.

Xisco’s main responsibilities will be the following:

  1. Monitor and report about the state of LibreOffice QA, fostering communications between QA and other teams and encouraging people to join the QA team (and help onboarding new contributors);

  2. Provide and maintain bibisect repositories of the LibreOffice codebase;

  3. Maintain, update and create feature patches for TDF Bugzilla instance;

  4. Organize and coordinate bug hunting sessions, test LibreOffice development builds daily on multiple platforms, run master to try to find regressions early in release cycles, and run release tests on alphas, betas and release candidates to identify blockers;

  5. Triage unconfirmed bugs on master;

  6. Create, improve and keep up-to-date introductions, documentation and howtos for volunteers to LibreOffice QA;

  7. Represent the QA project during weekly Engineering Steering Committee calls.