LibreOffice 5.0, one week later

LibreOffice 5.0 has been announced on August 5. So far, results have been astounding!

150,000 donations, and counting

Following the announcement, donations have doubled in comparison to the previous weeks. As a consequence, we have reached the threshold of 150,000 donations since May 2013, when we started keeping track of the numbers. A huge thanks to all donors! With their money, they make LibreOffice sustainable, supporting the costs of the entire organization.

35,000 unique IPs visited the blog

blog-fromaug4toaug11In one week, the blog has got 46,068 pageviews from 34,935 unique IPs, four times as many as the previous week (clicking on the thumbnail, you can view a higher resolution image).

Over 1,000 articles

LibreOffice 5.0 has been covered by all major IT publications worldwide (only PC Magazine has ignored the announcement so far). Over 1,000 articles have mentioned LibreOffice 5.0, with over 500 covering the subject in depth based on the press kit, a conference call or an interview. If you are interested in the list of in depth articles, you can download a PDF file with all the relevant links.

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