Contribute to LibreOffice 5.0 with a brand new Impress Template

LibreOffice Design Team launches a competition to increase the number of Impress templates bundled with the upcoming Libreoffice 5.0, due in early August 2015. The competition is open to designers, artists and creatively talented users.

The project is focused on Impress templates, as this is the primary place where templates are needed. As Impress templates do not contain text, they can be included in all language versions without the need of translation.

Deadline for submission of new Templates is July 18, 2015, to be included in LibreOffice 5.0. Works submitted after this deadline will be added to the next LibreOffice release.

Templates will be selected by the members of the LibreOffice Design Team, and may be edited before the inclusion. Authors will be credited on

To be considered for inclusion, templates must meet the following conditions:

  • They are an original work, and are not converted from existing templates.
  • They are licensed under Creative Commons CC0.
  • They are templates for LibreOffice Impress and contain two or more master slides.
  • They are based only on fonts bundled with LibreOffice (Caladea, Carlito, DejaVu, Gentium, Liberation, Libertine G, Open Sans, PT Serif, Source Code, Source Sans).
  • They contain no text, including no text in images, as they are intended to be used in any language without the need for translation.
  • They are based on LibreOffice styles, and not on direct element formatting. Styles must be created according to the expected use of the template.

For more information about creating templates, please check here: and here:

The submission page for the new Impress templates, with all details, is here:

Be creative ! We look forward to bundle your template designs !


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