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LibreOffice Conference 2013 in Milan

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Milan, September 9, 2013 – LibreOffice Conference will officially open in less than three weeks at the University of Milan, on Wednesday, September 25. The opening session will be held in the historic Ca’ Granda building, while all technical sessions and tracks will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science. The conference is sponsored by Canonical and Collabora, while Google and CloudOn sponsor the live hackatons happening on Wednesday and Thursday evening, and Lanedo the food for the breaks. The conference will close on Friday, September 27, with the traditional Q&A session, where project members can ask questions to the Board of Directors.

Tracks will cover the Open Document Format (ODF); LibreOffice Development; Community Development; Best Practices for Deployments and Migrations; and Building a Business with LibreOffice. For the first time during a conference, there will be a chance of sitting together with LibreOffice developers to hack the code, or just discuss the next feature.

“LibreOffice Conference comes to Italy at the right time, as during 2012 and 2013 there have been several migrations to LibreOffice in the public administrations, at regional and local level”, says Italo Vignoli, a member of the board of directors of The Document Foundation and the leader of the conference team. “Meeting with the project members will encourage other public administrations and enterprises to undertake the migration to LibreOffice”.

LibreOffice Conference 2013 is hosted by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan ( and sponsored by Canonical ( and Collabora (, while Google ( and CloudOn ( sponsor the hackatons, and Lanedo ( the food for the breaks.

Conference sessions will be broadcasted online, and also recorded and made available on the conference website.


  1. do you have broadcasted online link or address ?

    Comment by elprofe — 2013/09/09 @ 12:38

  2. Please update your sponsors on this site:

    Thanks. :)

    Comment by paul2012 — 2013/09/10 @ 16:10

  3. I don’t know where such a message should be left, but PLEASE can the conference spend some time on what it will take to create a stable LibreOffice. Every release seems to bring more bugs, and more serious bugs, which is undermining a great product. Will the conference address this?

    Comment by Derek Keats — 2013/09/16 @ 17:32

    • Do you REALLY think that we are not putting all our efforts in releasing a stable product? Bugs are intrinsic of software development, and adding features will always add bugs and regressions. This is why we are maintaining two branches, because the older one is more stable because it has less features.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2013/09/16 @ 20:16

      • I meant no disrespect to the valiant efforts of the LO development community. I appreciate what is being done, but it is not having the impact that it should, and it is no insult to suggest that it needs a renewed focus. Perhaps some fresh thinking is necessary. I don’t agree that the older versions are more stable, with the possible exception of the word processor, they just have different bugs. I use LO exclusively, daily – especially Draw and Impress. Neither has ever been stable, and I keep updating in the hope that old bugs get fixed. But it gets worse and worse. Perhaps some fresh thinking is necessary. I am not wanting to get into a disagreement, but as a long time supporter of free software, and someone who has been writing code since 1974, I understand bugs will always be present. But every version of LO seems to have really bad bugs that tax even the most ardent supporter (which I am). I just think that a special effort needs to be made to squash old bugs that make LO a pain to use, as well as find a way to speed up the fixing of killer bugs that make it impossible to use (especially in the neglected Presentation and Draw applications). As an avid user and supporter of LO, the need to find workarounds to so many bugs is a major impediment. So, I stand by my wish, that a renewed focus on bug fixing be given, that a major bug triage happen, and I stand ready to help in any way I can to make LO a better, more usable product.

        Comment by Derek Keats — 2013/09/17 @ 05:18

      • I started with Star Office before it became Open Office and now LibreOffice. I know it was not a perfect office suite but I can live with it with workarounds until recently (especially LO 4.x.x) I was compelled to file in bugs due to loss of data and scrambled formatting mainly due to regression. What had been working suddenly fail and my productivity suffers.

        Comment by kc — 2013/10/11 @ 02:50

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