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Impress Sprint Dresden Retrospective

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The weekend before Easter, a number of hackers congregated in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany for the first Impress Sprint. Hosted by Dresden Technical University’s Institute for Applied Photophysics, and run by TDF volunteers, the event was rooted in the desire to improve Impress for power users, and getting a number of those tiny, but annoying little paper cuts and needless extra hoops to jump through eliminated.

TDF Hackfests and Sprints are taking place all over the world, organised and run by local volunteers, are excellent opportunities to taste the spirit of the LibreOffice community, and get you bootstrapped in a weekend to fix your first bug or two. As such, we are firm believers in the help-to-help-yourself paradigm. And it is fun, too!


The rather long list of tackled bugs is here – thanks to all participants for making this a success!

If you want to join us the next time, following are the upcoming opportunities:


  1. Even though I’m lost at the way this works , cheers for sharing it nevertheless.

    Comment by Ernie — 2013/04/11 @ 18:40

  2. Erm….. so do the ‘hackfests’ help to make the software more secure and external-hack-proof or less secure and hack-happy?

    Comment by ianpenfold — 2013/04/15 @ 14:12

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