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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.5.7

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Berlin, October 18, 2012 – The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.5.7, the seventh and possibly last version of the free office suite’s 3.5 family, which solves additional bugs and regressions, and offers stability improvements over LibreOffice 3.5.6.

The Document Foundation suggests all users to upgrade from previous versions to LibreOffice 3.5.7.

LibreOffice 3.5.7 is available for immediate download from the following link:

Change logs are available at and

Extensions for LibreOffice are available from the following link:

When downloading the software, you might consider about donating some money to The Document Foundation for the development of LibreOffice and the growth of the community, by accessing our donation page at


  1. this sounds fine… and infers that version 6.2.2 is being left in the dark… or am I implying it?

    Comment by JFJB — 2012/10/18 @ 17:10

  2. Yes, I don’t understand what happened to version 3.6.

    Comment by David García — 2012/10/18 @ 17:19

  3. 3.6.2 came out in early October and 3.6.3 is due out at the end of October.

    Comment by Jean — 2012/10/18 @ 19:14

  4. Why are there two versions running at the same time?

    Comment by David García — 2012/10/18 @ 22:56

    • Isn’t is strange that Microsoft creates service packs and security patches for Vista, when there’s Win8 already there? Or any Linux distro keeping one or two (or more) concurrent versions supported? If you go to, you may fing on their main page that they have released five concurrent releases on 2012-09-24.

      This is a normal practice to release minor fixes for older (but still supported) versions for those users who don’t feel like ready to upgrade.

      Comment by Mike Kaganski — 2012/10/19 @ 00:12

  5. wasn’t 3.6 already launched por general use? I remember downloading 3.6.1 from the home page in the website, and now that I came back to check for a new version, I get 3.5?? would someone please explain what happened? Was it a bug in the website before? was it a mistake to publish 3.6 in the main site? was 3.6 “downgraded” to “beta” status?…

    Comment by Kest — 2012/10/19 @ 02:41

    • It’s a bug in the website according a comment below by Italo Vignoli.

      Comment by Bjorgvin Ragnarsson — 2012/10/19 @ 14:18

  6. Use 3.6.2 if you want to try the new features or else use LibreOffice 3.5.7 if you want to have stability. The choice is yours, so simple isn’t it?

    Comment by Imamqasim. Kandagal, India — 2012/10/19 @ 05:15

    • Will there be a day with 3.6.2 with new features and stability as well?

      Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 06:38

  7. For some reason, 3.6.2 is in the pre-release section of the download page:

    Comment by Bjorgvin Ragnarsson — 2012/10/19 @ 08:35

    • We apologize, but some weird bug has screwed the download page. The Document Foundation is offering two versions of LibreOffice: the older one for conservative users who want a software thoroughly tested by thousands of users, and the newer one for more technically oriented users who want to benefit from the latest and greatest features. As of today, these versions are 3.5.7 for conservative users and 3.6.2 for more technically oriented students.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/10/19 @ 09:08

      • Perhaps this scheme should be made plain on the download page(s) too? One link labelled “download the stable version” and a separate link labelled “download the cutting-edge version”.

        Comment by Simo Kaupinmäki — 2012/10/19 @ 10:50

  8. Bug on fail to open large microsoft office documents solved in 3.5.5 is back. Probably it is feature?!

    Comment by andisl — 2012/10/19 @ 12:52

  9. What does that mean, possibly last free version?? Is 3.6 going to have some kind of subscription? How can they do that with open source?

    Comment by dzurn — 2012/10/19 @ 14:01

    • Please do not ask misleading questions, please. LibreOffice is free software, and will always be free software.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/10/19 @ 14:07

    • You have misread the sentence. It says it is the possibly last version of the 3.5.x family of LibreOffice. As Italo Vignola said, LibreOffice will always be free software.

      Comment by Jean — 2012/10/19 @ 15:20

  10. Reblogged this on The Only One In The Room's Observations and commented:
    A good MS Office Substitute.

    Comment by TFranklinH — 2012/10/19 @ 22:38

  11. I left windows and shifted to Linux and LibreOffice. Its a great feeling after a month. Bravo!!! LO community. I would like to promote and spread LO and Linux as far as possible. There is great potential for that. However, I have to get myself convinced that the LO addresses the small problems faced by the users like me. I am at a university and teaching the practicals for the new students. OS is Linux and Applications are all OpenOffice/LibreOffice.
    I face some problems as general user and have some suggestions for some new features. I am giving them in the next comments so that they will have separate responses.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:15

  12. Feature needed: A Customisable Mini Toolbar. MSOffice has Mini Toolbar but not customizable. A chance to be ahead and to be useful to the user.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:18

  13. Feature needed: Split Window. I agree that there are bypass methods to this. But, why should I look for bypass when its possible to provide directly? Its a great feature to have.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:21

    • There is already an enhancement request for this in Bugzilla:

      Comment by Simo Kaupinmäki — 2012/10/20 @ 10:00

      • Thanks for the link. There the comment appears to be resolved. When the feature will be available for the users?

        Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 11:27

      • Not resolved, unfortunately. The bug was at one point closed as a duplicate but then reopened.

        Comment by Simo Kaupinmäki — 2012/10/20 @ 11:37

  14. In LO Calc, fill down works if you select both ‘the cell to be filled and the contents cell also’. Why can’t I just select the empty cell/cells and fill down/right/left/up? Moreover, if a number of cells data is to be filled down/R/L/up, let then the requirement for selecting ‘contents and destination’ be applicable. But, by default the just preceding cell must be copied without selecting the source cell. Keyboard shortcut also is the requirement for this.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:28

  15. In LO Calc, for fill handle to appear you have to move to another cell and come to the desired cell if you are in a cell-edit mode. But, the filled handle should come at the time of cell-editing mode itself. It will reduce two steps 1) coming out of the cell and going back to that cell.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:34

  16. Feature needed: In LOWriter, the tabs for the pages will be highly appreciated feature.(tabed pages). Such tabs for pages appear in MSOffice publisher, Pagemaker etc. Moreover, let there be a shortcut to go to those pages.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:38

  17. Feature needed: LO Writer – Single click on the right/left margin in front of a line should select a line, double click should select a Paragraph and triple click should select an entire page/section. Or leave the choice to the user what they want by such click.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:44

  18. In LO Writer – In tab types (like – L and inverted L etc) its easy to move the tab types to any distance. However, if one wants to place the tab at exact position like 0.5 etc, its very difficult. But, that is a prime need. Let the value appear on the ruler when I move. Or let there be a key press like alt etc to have the 0.2″/0.5″ hops. Moreover, to remove all the tabs types applied, there needs to be separate button/shortcut/key to remove the tab types (not the inserted tabs) from the selection.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:54

  19. In LOWriter, someone has done a great great work by providing the extension named Alternative searching. Many thanks to this man for this utility as it is the one great reason that I could stick to LO Writer. However, I would like to shift it to a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+F/G/H. Its not possible as yet. Please do something so that such Extensions also will become the part of shortcuts.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 07:58

    • Googly Googly, thank you for proposing enhancements to LO.
      To be sure you will be heard, and to participate in the community, I recommend you visit the development wiki:
      You will find there many pages where you can participate, share your ideas and see if it is already being implemented or if someone thinks the same.
      I recommend you also have a look at LO’s Bugzilla (some bugs are classified as “Wishlist”, which often are enhancement suggestions).

      Comment by ubuntubrisbane — 2012/10/29 @ 14:04

  20. Hi.
    I don’t know anything about programming, and I would like to report something wrong with openoffice…
    I wanted to give the page a different dimension and aligmment, so I went to the “format” menu, “page” option, i chose the format i wanted…but when i clicked to accept the new format…nothting happened. However, when i clicked to preview the page, it appeared as i wanted…on the preview, not on the writing mode.
    Please, correct this…
    Thank you!

    Comment by withdrawn — 2012/10/21 @ 18:52

  21. When you try to copy something from a website and paste it on the text, you realize what was copied was not the text, but a cell with the text in it, and when you copy that text out of the cell, it doesn’t appear as it should, properly formatted…

    Comment by withdrawn — 2012/10/21 @ 19:09

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  23. they have released five concurrent releases..

    Comment by Electronics Club Fans — 2012/12/21 @ 03:26

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