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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6.2

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Berlin, October 4, 2012 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 3.6.2, for Windows, MacOS and Linux, solving bugs and regressions and further improving the stability of the program for corporate deployments. The best free office suite ever is quickly becoming the de facto standard for migrations to free office suites, thanks to the quickly growing feature set and the improved interoperability with proprietary software.

The growing number of LibreOffice adoptions by private and public enterprises is a demonstration of the improvements brought to the legacy code by TDF, thanks to over 500 developers who are focusing on stability and quality (in addition to new exciting features).

The latest public administration to migrate has been the city of Limerick, Ireland’s third largest city, where LibreOffice is now used on all 450 desktops in use at the city’s six main locations including the three public libraries, the fire department, the municipal museum and the City Gallery of Art.

The community behind LibreOffice will gather in Berlin for the second LiboCon from October 17 to October 19. During three days, company representatives and volunteers will discuss their experiences, learning from each other in the true spirit of the community.

Registration for the conference end on October 8, Registration for the conference ends on October the 8th. If you want to join in, please register at this address:

LibreOffice 3.6.2 is available for immediate download from the following link: Extensions for LibreOffice are available from the following link:

Change logs are available at (fixed in and (fixed in

The infographics offers a representation of the growth of the developers community over the last 12 months, in addition to the growth of downloads from TDF mirror system.

Some TDF Numbers as of September 2012

You can download the Hybrid PDF at the following link: TDF Infographics September 2012 – Hybrid PDF.


  1. is broken for me as is

    I’d love to be able to live browse that usage stats. Would be very interesting. But I guess that is not public?

    Comment by babdua — 2012/10/04 @ 11:16

  2. Reblogged this on Alfredo Parisi.

    Comment by Alfredo Parisi — 2012/10/04 @ 14:34

  3. Reblogged this on Migrazione dell'Umbria a LibreOffice.

    Comment by LibreUmbria — 2012/10/04 @ 14:47

  4. I work with big document with lot of math.

    Could you please add global command “define” (similar to LaTex) for formulas to have custom defined elements in formula’s elements selection. Plus please align the bottom line of formulas with bottom line of text before and after. Then formulas gonna look more professional and formulas programming gonna be faster. Also it going to be grate to have global secondary documents structure to have global footnotes to be accessible from secondary documents.

    Comment by Dmitry — 2012/10/04 @ 19:57

    • Dmitry, thanks for your comment. For your feature/enhancement suggestion, please use the LibreOffice bug tracker to enter it: It will take just a few minutes to enter it into the system.
      That’s a better place and the developers will see your request.
      Best greetings.

      Comment by Aldi — 2012/10/06 @ 09:05

  5. Update from 3.6.1 made my extensions and toolbar customisations disappear, had to reinstall the extensions from scratch.

    Comment by Eugene — 2012/10/06 @ 11:37

  6. LOwriter doesn’t give text boundaries. I miss it a lot. I fill lost while working without it. You may be having any reason not to provide, but as a user I miss it. Moreover, many say apply background, apply page border etc etc as bypass method. That sounds ridiculous when we have gone technologically so ahead. Is that an intellectual challenge for Libre community?

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/07 @ 15:20

    • > “I feel they are asking much from the beginners.”
      I agree 100%: I use LibreOffice from the fork period and before OpenOffice,
      I use it at work and home, I’ve installed it for my parents computer…but, despite improvements in several features, lacks completely improvements in the easy of use for newbye (that are main [potential] users).

      In Word ’95 there was a menu voice to insert page numbers in bottom line (centered): by LO & OO newbye has edit bottom line, insert page number field (often doesn’t know what is a field) and center it….

      Or the cervellotic keyboard and (even worst) toolbar redefinition (Import button to choose functions from huge list of subcategories without a very useful search [see TotalCommander toolbar editing commands], macro recording (now also hidden in options to activate!) with final “Record” button that means instead “Save” and it use 3 frame to make a simple sort of “Save as…” of the macro; option windows small and unresizeable (often with sub-frames!), , complete reinstall after minor upgrades, no settings exporting (how much would be useful a cloud sync/backup for settings and linguistic !?),…
      And last but not least a very old UI with ancient graphic, rough theme (icons), no explanatory icons for option in settings, no multitab,…

      Perhaps the problem is that developing is made from great advanced users that make a wonderful work to add stunning functions, but don’t receive feedback from newbye (or perhaps don’t consider them as real problem: page numbers ? it’s easy, make a macro if you wish use it often…go in Options menu, General, activate macro recording; now, start recording (by instrument menu or by the hell of toolbar redifiition), edit bottom line, insert field -> page numbers, click on center to center it, stop recording, at first choose in which document to save in bottom left frame and then write the macro name in upper right edit box (in this order or you loose macro name) and press on “Record” button: you already recorded it, ok, but now means Save (at least in italian version is traslated this way)

      The future ? . I see a difficult future for LO this way: OO received the IBM work for Lotus Symphony with a better look and functionality (tabs,…); moreover they just ended a simple feature request for next 4.0 version: a very easy and clear web page with ideas from people, divided in small category: everyone could simply approve an idea by hand up/down button…and came out all the above problems and more.
      That said, I hope also LO could open to newbye needs…

      Comment by simone — 2012/10/14 @ 13:42

      • Exactly. There you are. Imagine, a new user is asked to record a macro!!! Recording is not a job of any one and everyone. Moreover, if such things can be done so easily by macro and bla bla bla, why don’t the LO community provide all that in the plugins/extension?
        I agree with your opinion that the developers are advanced and they don’t face the problems a new comer faces. I would like to add one more line to it – As I have seen in most of the cases, a developer is not a regular high frequency user of the applications like Writer, Calc, Impress etc. So, he fails to understand the problem of a novice. Hence, a users survey will help to overcome this problem.
        Just such a small problem, I feel, is standing at the free gate of LO showing its grimaces to the new entrants. Its just disheartening to see such a negligent attitude of the developers. (sorry guys, but I say what I feel) Some such problems solved and you would get lacks of user turning to Libre. I am from India. Once, a wave shifts to LibreApplications, all the LO community will enjoy the fulfillment of the work they have done. There is a small reason that people are holding to widows.

        Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/20 @ 06:23

  7. In LO writer, if you have a text having two different font sizes, you can’t reduce or increase the font size of them both at a time. You have to select them separately and change. Its a just dishearten to any one who wants to leave microsoft and turn to Libre. I switch to LO and went back and again came back to LO. There is a recommendation from some to go for styles etc. I feel they are asking much from the beginners. Moreover, not all the documents are standard ones where one thinks of styles. Many documents come from other platforms. I read a reply where it said, ‘Do you build a house without preplaning?’ True. How many build homes by planning themselves. They need service providers. Kindly be merciful to the general user who doesn’t go to styles etc. One more thing, the fonts size should get reduced by one point a time by shortcut or the user must have a choice to set the points to jump.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/07 @ 15:30

  8. In LOwriter for numbering the font, type, size etc doesn’t respond to change directly in the document. Its an useful feature to have.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/07 @ 15:33

  9. IN LOwriter, in numbering when you set an option in the ‘Position>Numbering followed by’ to space and save, close and shut down the pc, on rebooting, reopening the document its back to tabs option. It disturbs the whole set documents. It just threatens to prepare a documents. Kindly do something and save us.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/07 @ 15:37

  10. In LibreOffice Writer, a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Up Arrow takes one to the beginning of the Para. Again pressing Ctrl+Left Arrow takes one before the last word of the preceding para. I think it will be very helpful if it take you to the end of the para, especially for creating macros.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2012/10/07 @ 16:33

  11. The method by which you specify that a field that is blank should not leave a blank line in a mail merge document is a bit confusing. Since, in most cases, when a field is blank a person does not want a blank line left there – e.g. mail merge documents, labels, etc. – why not make it a default condition that a blank field will not leave a blank line?

    Comment by Richard Baksa — 2012/10/07 @ 20:46

  12. I’d like an effort be made on a new GUI. After years, it would be interesting interface that takes into account the format 16/9 screens, found ways to make more practical use. Furthermore, why there will be no way to change the interface to suit the user, or the installation of skin, as it can be for an OS.

    Comment by Eddy Ulric-G — 2012/10/07 @ 23:16

  13. Very descriptive article, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

    Comment by pdf — 2012/10/08 @ 03:09

  14. Will it be available at ppa:libreoffice/ppa for Ubuntu?

    I have this ppa enabled but my version is still and don’t updated to 3.6.1

    Thank you very much!!

    Comment by acutbal — 2012/10/08 @ 10:33

  15. Yes, PPA update would be great.

    Comment by ulcha — 2012/10/09 @ 12:18

  16. The Libre spell check is very helpful and appreciated but it uses British English spelling instead of American (US) spelling. Considering the large number of US users it would be most helpful to offer a USA Spell Check for installation. Further, city names such as Los Angeles might be iconsidered for installation in the data base.

    Comment by Dan Devor — 2012/10/12 @ 21:54

  17. The MPL is not a copyleft license, therefore the statement about copyleft is dishonest.

    The September 11/12 thing is misleading. Is that the eleventh and twelfth day of September?

    The top contributions continue to come from the big companies: Red Hat and SUSE. Without them this would be a toy project!

    Both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice projects have a very difficult finding the truth. I’ve lost trust in any of the projects. Leadership, good leadership is tough, and none of the projects has any good leadership.

    Comment by John — 2012/10/21 @ 08:40

    • Both the MPL and the LGPL are copyleft licenses. Not as strong copyleft as the GPL, but copyleft nonetheless.

      Comment by Markus — 2012/10/30 @ 08:29

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