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Publishing our recommendation to Oracle

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From time to time TDF is required to engage in private correspondence with parties, yet we are committed in our bylaws after a suitable period to make this content public.

In line with this commitment, and in order to demonstrate its reasonableness, we would like to publish our advice to Oracle on how best to transition the assets to TDF, in order to create a single, unified, sustainable community.

This offer was sent on the 22nd April, outlines our consistent position in those interactions, and we believe is both fair and reasonable. (Click here to open the PDF.)

The Document Foundation was notified of an Oracle announcement by Jim Jagielski, President of the Apache Foundation, barely 24 hours before the grant to the ASF was announced.

The Document Foundation Steering Committee


  1. Meh… Oracle fails yet again…

    Comment by Ous — 2011/06/06 @ 19:55

  2. ah well, can’t the ASF just transfer the brand to TDF after they have received it? I mean it’s not like an office suite is really the core business of ASF (at least all apache projects I can think of are heavily network related)

    Comment by Frankyboy — 2011/06/06 @ 19:58

    • There are probably “conditions of sale” attached, which would make a subsequent transfer to TDF impossible; but at least the project could be brought back into line with what the *community* actually wants.

      Comment by Rich — 2011/06/08 @ 00:43

  3. […] The Document Foundation published its recommendation to Oracle that it transfer to […]

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  4. […] It is very disappointing that the Apache Foundation is allowing itself to be made an accomplice in this farce. It seems like the Document Foundation was surprised as well. […]

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    Comment by 4chan — 2011/06/19 @ 12:40

  6. Such a shame.

    In our business we use but now due to this “situation” we’re getting rid of and replacing it with LibreOffice.

    My personal reason for this is quite simple. I don’t believe that the Apache Foundation will get sufficient commercial support, especially if you look at the companies backing LibreOffice and TDF.
    In my opinion, right now TDF is the future! Just look at the development thats gone into LibreOffice, all the improvements and code optimizations so far make it imho a better product the OOo.

    it’s really a shame that Oracle can’t be a sport about this and swallow it’s pride to do what’s right.

    Comment by Bart — 2011/06/22 @ 07:29

  7. I love this i want more on this subject
    any references please?

    Comment by Joe Smith — 2011/06/27 @ 13:04

  8. When it’s possible could LibreOffice switch name to OpenOffice, couse that it easier to pronounce and a stonger brand

    Comment by Anton — 2011/09/06 @ 19:05

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