The Document Foundation suspends RusBITech from its Advisory Board

Following a short exchange of opinions with several community members, as of Saturday 26th of February 2022, TDF has suspended RusBITech’s membership in the Advisory Board.

While TDF does not get involved in politics in any way, the apparent involvement of RusBITech with the Russian Federation’s military complex creates a serious moral concern in the current situation.

We have reached out to RusBITech to explain why suspending – and possibly cancelling – their membership is a necessary step, based on the information we have been able to gather from their website and other trusted online sources. In the past, we have worked constructively with RusBITech’s representatives, and the decision is in no way related to the people themselves and our cooperation around free open source software.

The Document Foundation asks all FOSS advocates and supporters, and all LibreOffice community members, contributors and users across the world to work for peace in these challenging times, and hopes sincerely that the current crisis will soon be over. We will reassess our decision after that.

Further updates will be published when more information will be made available.

The Board of The Document Foundation


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