LibreOffice 2021 Schedule Mobile App

The LibreOffice 2021 Schedule Mobile App is immediately available on Google Play and F-Droid. From the F-Droid page is also possible to download the APK, although by installing that way you will not receive update notifications.

The mobile app, for Android smartphones and tablets, shows the conference schedule: by swiping right and left, the user can switch between the three rooms, while a drop down menu allows to chose one of the three days. By tapping on each of the talks, it is possible to star it to create a personal conference schedule, and to set an alarm to avoid losing the important presentations. Changes to the schedule will be immediately reflected on the mobile app, although it is always possible to force a refresh, and to show the latest changes.

LibreOffice Conference 2021 will open on September 23 at noon CEST and will close on September 25 at 5:30PM CEST. The schedule is available at the following link: Please check it on a regular basis for last minute changes.

People who will attend the LibreOffice Conference via Jitsi are kindly requested to register by filling in the form on the following webpage: The registration will allow us to manage conference sessions in the best way, to provide a smoother experience than in 2020 (when we had a couple of unwelcome “guests” trying to spoil the event).

LibreOffice Conference 2021 will be streamed on the conference website and YouTube. To ask questions to speakers, attendees will be able to use Matrix, IRC [Libera Chat] or Telegram (channels will be bridged, so it will be possible to use only one of them).

Chat Links to Conference Rooms

Matrix IRC Telegram
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3

LibreOffice advocates and conference attendees can support the event by purchasing LibreOffice Conference swag from Freewear, from the following page:

In addition to the blog, we will publish all announcements on the two Telegram groups: LibreOffice Virtual Conference Announcements ( and LibreOffice Virtual Conference (, and on the LibreOffice Conference website: