LibreOffice Tuesday T&T: Writer Keyboard Shortcuts

Interesting article on REPUBLICWORLD.COM about LibreOffice Writer Keyboard Shortcuts, which – according to the editor – help to improve the usability of the software:

However, it becomes highly important to know LibreOffice shortcut keys to create content faster. LibreOffice shortcut keys also help a user use the medium more effectively. If you want to learn how to use LibreOffice shortcut keys, here are some of the many essentials to know to be able to use the software more effectively.

Shortcuts are based on the English keyboard, but many works also with other keyboard layouts:

F2 – Formula Bar
Ctrl+F2 – Insert Fields
F3 – Complete AutoText
Ctrl+F3 – Edit AutoText
F4 – Open Data Source View
Shift+F4 – Select next frame
F5 – Navigator on/off
Ctrl+Shift+F5 – Navigator on, go to page number
F7 – Spellcheck
Ctrl+F7 – Thesaurus
F8 – Extension mode
Ctrl+F8 – Field shadings on / off
Shift+F8 – Additional selection mode
Ctrl+Shift+F8 – Block selection mode
F9 – Update fields
Ctrl+F9 – Show fields
Shift+F9 – Calculate Table
Ctrl+Shift+F9 – Update Input Fields and Input Lists
Ctrl+F10 – Nonprinting Characters on/off
F11 – Styles and Formatting window on/off
Shift+F11 – Create Style
Ctrl+F11 – Sets focus to Apply Style box
Ctrl+Shift+F11 – Update Style
F12 – Numbering on
Ctrl+F12 – Insert or edit Table
Shift+F12 – Bullets on
Ctrl+Shift+F12 – Numbering / Bullets off
Alt+Arrow Keys – Move object.
Alt+Ctrl+Arrow Keys – Resizes by moving lower right corner.
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Keys – Resizes by moving top left corner.
Ctrl+Tab – Selects the anchor of an object.

Ctrl+A – Select All
Ctrl+D – Double Underline
Ctrl+E – Centered
Ctrl+F – Find and Replace
Ctrl+Shift+P – Superscript
Ctrl+L – Align Left
Ctrl+R – Align Right
Ctrl+Shift+B – Subscript
Ctrl+Y – Redo last action
Ctrl+0 – Apply Default paragraph style
Ctrl+1 – Apply Heading 1 paragraph style
Ctrl+2 – Apply Heading 2 paragraph style
Ctrl+3 – Apply Heading 3 paragraph style
Ctrl+5 – 1.5 Line Spacing

There is a larger list of LibreOffice Writer Keyboard Shortcuts on SHORTCUTWORLD.COM, and a full list on LibreOffice Online Help.

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