LibOCon 2019

LibOCon 2019 will be in Almería, a sunny, lovely city on the south-east coast of Spain. On the shores of the Mediterranean sea, the city was founded in 955 by Abd-ar-Rahman III, who ordered the construction of the famous Alcazaba (the Citadel), one of the largest moorish castles in Europe. The modern city has grown over the hills that surround the Alcazaba, staying true to its visual and architectural tradition.

Almería is also the administrative capital of the homonymous province and part of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. The region is famous for its prolific production of vegetables, having over 100,000 acres of greenhouses in the Poniente province. The city has about 195,000 inhabitants who are welcoming to visitors and always happy to enjoy the city’s excellent weather with a vibrant day and night life.

LibOCon 2019 dates will be communicated as soon as possible.


  1. By Dr. Irfan ul Haq Akhoon