The Document Foundation welcomes BPM Conseil to the project’s Advisory Board

Berlin, May 17, 2018 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announced today that BPM-Conseil, a company focused on open source business intelligence based in Lyon (France), has joined the project’s Advisory Board. BPM-Conseil will develop the integration of LibreOffice with its business intelligence solutions Aklabox and Vanilla, and also create business intelligence related extensions for LibreOffice.

BPM-Conseil is focused both on development of open source business intelligence solutions and on the related consultancy and integration activities. The company has a large roster of clients in France, such as Ministries of Environment, Energy and Sea, Lyon Metropole, Nimes Metropole and City, La Rochelle Agglomeration, Haute and Basse Normandie, the Aveyron Department, and the University of Corsica.

“BPM-Conseil will help LibreOffice to become a viable solution for enterprise business intelligence, not only through the integration of the software with open source solutions such as Vanilla and Aklabox but also with the creation of extensions which add features to Calc to transform it into a tool for sophisticated analysis and reporting”, says Simon Phipps, TDF Director.

“BPM-Conseil is happy to be part of TDF Advisory Board, and become a member of LibreOffice business ecosystem. This will allow us to improve the integration of LibreOffice with our software Aklabox – which is powered by LibreOffice Online – and Vanilla, to create a complete open source business intelligence solution”, says Patrick Beaucamp, Chairman of BPM-Conseil.

TDF Advisory Board’s (AB) primary function is to represent supporters of the project, and to provide the Board of Directors (BoD) with advice, guidance and proposals. In addition, the AB is at the kernel of the LibreOffice ecosystem, and as such is key to the further development of the project.