The Document Foundation welcomes Kopano to the project’s Advisory Board

Berlin, September 26, 2017 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announced today that Kopano, the leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software, has joined the project’s Advisory Board. Kopano wants to contribute to the project in areas of its expertise, for example in user experience.

Kopano is a continuation of Zarafa. It offers a platform for communication, content sharing and self-organization, is entirely modular, and provides third party software vendors with simple integration options (e.g. via widgets).

Most features and integrations are available via a browser, thanks to Kopano WebApp, while smartphones, tablets and Outlook can be connected through Z-Push – the open source implementation of the Exchange ActiveSync Protocol (EAS). Kopano’s desktop client DeskApp is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Solutions like Kopano, combined with LibreOffice, help users to free themselves from the dependency of Microsoft and other cloud software, and enable companies to retain freedom and ownership of their data and software stack.

“Kopano is a welcome addition to the LibreOffice community, as they are extending the reach of LibreOffice in self-hosted Enterprise-environments by integrating LibreOffice Online with their collaboration solution. By becoming a member of the project’s Advisory Board, Kopano will provide experiences and insights necessary to improve the presence of LibreOffice Online”, says Simon Phipps, TDF Board Member.

“With our collaboration-products for messaging, ChatOps, Video Meetings, e-mail and groupware we offer the benefits of cloud-software in a self-hosted open source-stack. A powerful LibreOffice Online is the missing puzzle-piece for Enterprise-customers to keep their whole stack of modern collaboration under their own control”, says Brian Joseph, CEO of Kopano.

TDF Advisory Board’s (AB) primary function is to represent sponsors of the project, and to provide the Board of Directors (BoD) with advice, guidance and proposals. In addition, the AB is at the kernel of the LibreOffice ecosystem, and as such is key to the further development of the project.

About Kopano

Kopano is a leading European provider of open source groupware and collaboration software serving thousands of customers ranging from European governments to larger organizations. As a continuation of Zarafa, Kopano puts messaging, collaborative editing, video meetings, email and calendaring in one single interface. Website: