Advent Resource #16: Two Academic Research about LibreOffice

skovdeJonas Gamalielsson and Björn Lundell, of the University of Skövde in Sweden, have extensively studied the LibreOffice project. They have published two different papers in 2012 and 2014, which represent a very interesting reading.

Gamalielsson J. – Lundell B., Long-Term Sustainability of Open Source Software Communities beyond a Fork: A Case Study of LibreOffice, in: Hammouda I. – Lundell B. – Mikkonen T. – Scacchi W., (EDS) Open Source Systems: Long-Term Sustainability. OSS 2012. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, Vol. 378, Pages 29-47, 2012, Springer, Berlin – Heidelberg

Gamalielsson J., Lundell B., Sustainability of Open Source software communities beyond a fork: How and why has the LibreOffice project evolved?, in: Journal of Systems and Software, Vol. 89, Pages 128-145, 2014, Elsevier, Amsterdam