Advent Resource #4: ODF Guidance by UK Cabinet Office (2)

downloadInformation on the ODF standard and how to move your organization to ODF-compliant document solutions

The document has been forked in a textual format (Pandoc’s Markdown) by Paolo Dongilli, to keep track of versions and changes, correct typos, add new content and easily fork it for localization purposes. It is available on GitHub:

This guidance gives general information on the standard, as well as more detailed information for chief technology officers and government procurement officers.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Open Document Format (ODF)
  2. Procure ODF solutions
  3. Base ODF solutions on user needs
  4. Validators and compliance testing
  5. Platforms and devices
  6. Accessibility
  7. Privacy and security
  8. Avoid macros in documents
  9. Integrate ODF with enterprise tools
  10. Extensions, plugins and custom solutions
  11. Collaborate on documents
  12. Change tracking in ODF
  13. Embed fonts in ODF documents
  14. Corporate styles and templates
  15. ODF spreadsheets and formulas
  16. Support and training
  17. Overview of productivity software
  18. Costs and benefits of ODF