TDF website has a brand new look

The House of LibreOffice and Document Liberation ProjectWednesday, February 10, we have not limited our activity to the launch of LibreOffice 5.1, but we have also updated the look of the 5 years old TDF website – our first web property, and our first website – by using the same template of the LibreOffice website.

We have also reorganized contents, to simplify the navigation. We now have a menu bar with the following items: Foundation (Statutes, Financials and Affiliations), Governance (Foundation Bodies and History), Community, Certification, Get Help (Professional Support) and Contacts.

With the overhaul of the TDF website, we have now renovated all project’s web properties.

TDF, LibreOffice and Document Liberation websites are complemented by this, which is supposed to become the place where people go for the last news.