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LibreOffice QA volunteers: armed and ready

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The current budget of the the Document Foundation reserved some funds to provide the most active members of the LibreOffice QA team with TDF-owned netbooks. These netbooks where specifically selected to be configured with a platform the volunteer does not use on his primary machine, thereby allowing these volunteers to have multiple native platforms at hand for quick triage work all the time. This first set of netbooks went out to: Florian Reisinger (famous for the implementation of the Server-Installation GUI helping QA volunteers everywhere), Joel Madero and Joren de Cuyper, the latter two both very active volunteers and key players in the QA team that among others went above and beyond in organizing the recent Bug Triage Contest. This bug triage contest itself also has been a huge success, with many new contributors getting involved in QA and more than 580 bugs triaged. Joining the LibreOffice QA team like so many did in the contest, is quite easy — to get started contact the team on irc-chat!

Florian with his triaging netbook

Florian with his new triaging netbook

Joels bug triaging setup

Joels bug triaging setup

Jorens freshly unpacked netbook running LibreOffice

Jorens freshly unpacked netbook running LibreOffice

Keeping in mind that for each bug report fixed by a developer, there is another bug report triaged out of existance before that, the Document Foundation wishes Florian, Joel and Joren a smooth transition from the stressful pre-release phase of LibreOffice 4.1.0 to the for QA volunteers equally exciting post-release phase. Good hunting!


  1. QA is enormously important and LibreOffice is good quality. If you feel the overall quality starts to slip, then you jump up and down! The quality will vary overtime and you are critically important to the majority of end-users, particularly for business’s who depend on your software. Your efforts are appreciated, this is a thanks !

    Comment by Rob Pearson — 2013/08/02 @ 21:04

    • Thanks for your nice comment Rob. Much appreciated :-).
      Sadly we are with to few to keep a constant quality, except the fact we do as much as we can. Most of our triaging work (with some intonation on _most_, there are some _paid_ devs that helps a lot on QA side too) is done by volunteers which does have a job or studies. One week I can volunteer every evening, other weeks I only can get quickly through my emails.
      At best we’ll have some extra helping hands, the more the merrier, to keep the quality and speed up. So if you or anyone else have any interest in triaging even 1 bug a day/week, please do. That’ll help tremendously.
      By this way I would like to thanks TDF too for having this opportunity to test on Windows 8 and keep the quality up the biggest part of our end-users.

      Kind regards,

      Comment by jorendc — 2013/08/08 @ 22:25

  2. I have tried to down load Lire 4.1,but it fails to load a Add On. I just get a message “failed to load Add On. I never had a problem with 3.0. Any suggestions. Thanks Dennis

    Comment by Dennis Cas — 2013/08/18 @ 16:30

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