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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.0.3

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Berlin, May 9, 2013 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 4.0.3, for Windows, OS X and Linux, the third minor release of LibreOffice 4.0 family. OS X Intel packages are now signed by The Document Foundation, to pass OS X Gatekeeper security without user intervention.

In the meantime, another large migration to LibreOffice has been announced, as the government of Spain’s autonomous region of Extremadura has just begun the switch to free software of desktop PCs and expects the majority of its 40,000 PCs to be migrated by the end of 2013. Extremadura estimates that the move to open source – including LibreOffice – will help save 30 million Euro per year.

Community is growing too. After the success of the LibreOffice Impress Sprint in Germany, it is now the turn of the first LibreOffice Bay Area Meetup. It will take place on May 11, 2013 starting at 2pm in the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California. Bjoern Michaelsen will be there for some good Q&A, and most importantly for some hands-on work on how to get involved in the project, with Simon Phipps keynoting about “Foundations and Empires”.

The Document Foundation and LibreOffice are still growing at a steady pace: +13% year over year according to data parsed by Ohloh, with an average of over 100 active developers per month since February 2013. These figures tops the cumulative number of over 650 new developers attracted by the project since the announcement on September 28, 2010.

Developers are contributing not only to the code but also to the quality of the software, as in the case of Markus Mohrhard’s python script for LibreOffice that automatically imports some 24,500 documents and tests if the program crashes in the process (, or Florian Reisinger’s LibreOffice Server Install GUI which performs a parallel installation of LibreOffice without using the command line, for QA purposes (

LibreOffice 4.0.3 is another important step in the process of improving the quality and stability of the bleeding edge version of the suite, and facilitating migrations to free software by governments and enterprises.

The new release is available for immediate download from the following link: Change logs are available at the following links: (fixed in, (fixed in, and (fixed in


  1. Great news, i hope Libreoffice wil be also available for Android. this would be great

    Comment by Eric Redegeld — 2013/05/09 @ 07:50

  2. We love LO and promote it in the several countries where we work with exotic fonts.
    If you ever take pity on minority language and fonts communities, then, please, incorporate SIL’s font Graphite smarts into the Mac version of LO.
    (Apple may never accommodate Unicode 6.1.)

    Comment by Galen Currah — 2013/05/09 @ 15:30

  3. The download link in the email does not seem to work. I get server not found.

    Comment by sgtcedarJohn Harvey — 2013/05/09 @ 23:29

  4. The LanguageTool add-on would have caught the typo :-) (hint: tops -> top)

    Comment by Daniel — 2013/05/11 @ 10:13

  5. I took a chance and decided to do the upgrade 4.0 to without uninstalling LibreOffice and – how wonderful! – for the first time I have not had to reinstall the extensions I use.Thank you, people!

    And as for the Extremadura government actions, it is good to note that does not make them because of the crisis that lives Spain today, but because for several years the political authorities of that region have encouraged and supported the institutional use of the Free Software and Open Source.

    How about if the politicians in Castilla – La Mancha take the good Extremaduran example now and relive the extraordinary Molinux project, an excellent distro that was”killed” when the Partido Popular returned to government in that region?

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2013/05/12 @ 05:17

  6. I don’t know where to report a minor issue, so I’ll do it here. I upgraded on Xubuntu to The new release had issues with squares appearing where I had opened menus and staying there. It wasn’t a problem, but visually unappealing. I just went back to, which is the version supported by Ubuntu anyway.

    The process of switching back and forth: It was a little complicated to switch to – I could I install it partially, but then I first had to uninstall to finish. Switching back was very easy, using Synaptic.

    Comment by Jacob Wall — 2013/05/15 @ 17:08

  7. Hi, I have a Mac-mini and with Lion OS. LO doesn’t want to install after downloaded. Is it my machine or the software requires something different like Apple’s Gatekeeper App? When I moved from Snow Leopard to Lion, a number of my programs quit. So, would this be the same problem… if I could download and install LO?

    Comment by Richard Aaron — 2013/05/15 @ 20:20

  8. Had no problems with the download. By the way am very happy to see the government migrations to free software. (finally)

    Comment by Sam H — 2013/05/16 @ 21:53

  9. Nice release, the first of 4.0 branch without major problems for me. Something is broken with positioning of labels in charts, the interface is not very responsive, there are still problems with cross-references disapearring or misplacing, if new objects are added in middle of document or block of text is moved somewhere else, but it was introduced already in 3.5. Thanks for great job!

    Comment by andisl — 2013/05/17 @ 10:11

  10. I am still looking forward to a version for Android (at least tablet versions) as I have an ASUS transformer and am frustrated by all the MS Office versions available on Google store.
    Any date for release?

    Comment by Martin Chatfield — 2013/05/23 @ 08:34

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