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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.0.1

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Impress Remote for Android now available on every platform

Berlin, March 6, 2013 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 4.0.1, for Windows, MacOS and Linux, the first release after the successful launch of LibreOffice 4.0 in early February, which has yielded rates of entirely new client IP addresses requesting updates each day over the 100,000 mark (they were just 25,000 one year ago).

LibreOffice Impress Remote is now available for all platforms – Linux, MacOS and Windows – from Google Play. How to instructions are available on the wiki.

The new release is a step forward in the process of improving the overall quality and stability of LibreOffice 4.0. For enterprise adoptions, though, The Document Foundation suggests the more solid and stable LibreOffice 3.6.5, backed by certified level 3 support engineers.

The Documentation team has also released the guide “Getting Started with LibreOffice 4.0″, which is available in PDF and ODF formats from the website and as a printed book from Lulu.

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support The Document Foundation – infrastructure, marketing, community development – with a donation. There is a donation page with many options including PayPal and credit cards.

LibreOffice 4.0.1 is available for immediate download from the website. Extensions for LibreOffice are available from the extension repository.

The change logs are available from the wiki: changes in RC1 ( and changes in RC2 (


  1. Concerning Remote Impress for Android … How to run animations on click???

    Comment by wabik — 2013/03/07 @ 08:10

  2. Calc is unstable in version Crashes if you try to enter formula. I’ve gone back 3.6.4. Am using windows 7.

    Comment by Anmol Narula — 2013/03/08 @ 09:49

  3. Congratulations: that is first a useful innovation, and a good innovation regarding the “old” competition too!

    It would be great to learn more about this remote feature for others mobile OS than just Android (at least concerning the non commercial / open source ones). Is it possible to get more infos in the comments please ?

    Comment by applications mobiles — 2013/03/09 @ 13:08

  4. I wrote a small overview of this app –

    Comment by Edmund Laugasson — 2013/03/09 @ 14:45

  5. What happened to this bug: 60769?

    Comment by OmarKH — 2013/03/13 @ 12:44

  6. How to run animations on click?

    Comment by umair0811 — 2013/03/13 @ 17:54

    • Use the volume switch on the Android phone.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2013/03/15 @ 13:13

  7. Libreoffice sucks!! buy a professional office suite before you download this piece of Sh!t.

    Comment by an unhappy user — 2013/03/15 @ 11:43

    • LibreOffice is a professional office suite, used – for instance – by most employees of the French government, and other government organizations and private companies worldwide. Of course, there might be bugs and regressions like in any other piece of software (and if you look at the security statistics provided by Secunia, you will realize that there are other office suite who lead the pack for security problems (in the sense that they have more than anyone else), although they have a price point that should include security.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2013/03/15 @ 13:37

  8. I’ll back Italo’s comment above. libreOffice has a large and growing global community of interested contributors, which I’d argue; allows such a project to advance, and improve at a much greater rate than what a similar proprietary developed application can.

    With LibreOffice being free software (“free” as in freedom….and price too!), anyone can join the LibreOffice global community at any level and contribute to making it better. Being free software, you can freely and legally obtain the source code from here, then at home, you can hack away at your heart’s content to improve some feature, customise some feature, or both. Hacking the LibreOffice source code is free and legal. If hacking code is not one’s favourite activity, I’m sure that the LibreOffice community would be more than happy to have more of us jump on board to improve the documentation also. Now that is freedom and empowerment!!

    In my personal experience, past versions of libreOffice have performed very well, and I must say that I find it easier to use than one very well known proprietary office suite.

    LibreOffice and The Document Foundation, are a good example of how this world can develop a freely available and useful application. More of us need to heed this shining example, and start similar projects to develop other large software tools, that this world desperately needs free access to.

    Comment by A Wave — 2013/03/16 @ 01:47

  9. Reblogged this on 竹日門 and commented:
    FREE & Open Source software for everyone. Let’s try it for yourself.

    Comment by 簡sir — 2013/03/19 @ 04:05

  10. libreoffice should add back the old formats like star office and word 6 as optional install

    Comment by s — 2013/03/27 @ 14:14

    • Someone who is interested in those legacy formats should take over to support them, and not require that from someone else. The developers have to make choices between keeping supporting legacy formats that already lost their significance for almost anyone except relatively few, and assigning their limited resources to new and popular formats.

      To keep existing support for a format does not mean “no effort is needed”; as the program evolves, and its internals are changed, someone needs to rewrite some (sometimes significant) parts of existing code to conform to the changed requirements.

      Comment by mikekaganski — 2013/03/30 @ 23:32

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