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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.6.3

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Berlin, November 1, 2012 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 3.6.3, for Windows, MacOS and Linux. This new release is another step forward in the process of improving the overall quality and stability for any kind of deployment, on personal desktops or inside organizations and companies of any size.

LibreOffice has quickly become the de facto standard for migrations to free office suites, thanks to the growing feature set and the improved interoperability with proprietary software. Instrumental for the overall progress is the growing developer base, which has just reached the number of 550 since the launch of the project, making LibreOffice one of the fastest growing free software projects of the decade.

After the City of Munich and the French Government, which are migrating from to LibreOffice, it is now the turn of several provinces in Italy, including the largest one in term of inhabitants. In addition, there are many private companies switching to LO, like the largest furniture manufacturer and retailer in Romania, with 1,000 Windows and GNU/Linux desktops.

LibreOffice hackers community will gather in Munich for the second LiMux HackFest ( between November 23 and 25. As usual, there will be code, but also beer and pasta, in the true spirit of a free software project.

LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support the efforts the development and the advocacy efforts of The Document Foundation with a donation – with many options, including PayPal and credit cards – at

LibreOffice 3.6.3 is available for immediate download from the following link: Extensions are available from the following link:

Change logs are available at (fixed in and (fixed in


  1. Thank you!

    Comment by Usuario — 2012/11/01 @ 15:39

  2. This is coming along nicely. Tried two bugs I experience and they still happen in 3.6.3.


    Comment by SteveBell — 2012/11/01 @ 16:32

  3. Guys, you really need to work on your external communication.

    In a blog post announcing a new release I expect a list of awesome new features that makes me want to download the software immediately. I don’t expect a cut-and pasted text from your PR brochure and a link to a text file exported from your bug-tracker. C’mon!

    Comment by Caspar Wrede — 2012/11/01 @ 16:57

  4. I agree with Caspar, 100%. I came to this page to see what’s exciting here, only to find a BORING page that looks too irrelevant and makes me ask myself “Why I am here?”. Look at the font size!

    I am a big fan of open source and open documents, I use LibreOffice. Come on guys, open source can be exciting right?

    Comment by Dibyajyoti Mohapatra — 2012/11/01 @ 17:39

  5. Minor releases are fixing bugs and regressions, and improving stability and speed, while major releases are introducing new features. This has been explained several times, and should be clear for every LibreOffice user. Of course, you are not forced at all to upgrade to LibreOffice 3.6.3, unless you were facing some specific problem which has been solved with the new version or want to experiment the latest release. The next major release is going to be LibreOffice 3.7, and at that time you will find new and exciting features.

    Comment by italovignoli — 2012/11/01 @ 17:58

  6. By running through the changes, it looks like a point update rather than a “new release” that would need to be promoted beyond the good 3.6 Features on the main LibreOffice Site.

    Comment by Frojon Banwell — 2012/11/01 @ 18:13

  7. lookin good guys

    Comment by jim — 2012/11/01 @ 22:35

  8. Hey Devs and LO people,

    thanks a lot for the good work! It is really interesting to see how many fixes have been made since 3.6.0. Generally I recommend my friends to wait for X.X.3 since such releases are known to have only little issues.

    BTW, the scrolling behaviour of LO with many figures in large documents is a real pleasure now. Great job MC Caolan. Keep rocking!

    Kind regards


    Comment by AvidUser — 2012/11/01 @ 23:06

  9. MY copy of DOES NOT FIND this update? WHY??

    Comment by SDBud — 2012/11/02 @ 00:27

  10. Yep, ‘fraid the change log is pretty meaningless to me (and many others, I’d think). Tend to agree with Caspar. As per SDBud, Help > Check for Updates isn’t finding a new version (using Still a *great* freebie though, much appreciated.

    Comment by BillBlagger — 2012/11/02 @ 12:35

  11. I love LO and i think everyone that uses it should seriously consider donate an amount to mantain it.
    But why libreoffice PPA is abandoned? Its soo frustrating… I think LO PPA should skip the 3.x.1 versions.

    Comment by andresimi — 2012/11/02 @ 14:21

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  14. After installing 3.6.3 update (and it was the same with 3.6.2, 3.6.1, 3.6) I found some installed extensions locked (mainly some dictionaries/thesauri, but not only). Some other extensions, especially graphite fonts rendering options, are not locked, but totaly “dead” (grayed in the extension manager) and incapable to be enabled. It is frustrating. With “graphite”, it happened for the first time. Can I do something to repair this situation?

    Comment by fraTom — 2012/11/02 @ 23:27

    • Funny, I had the same problem when updating from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2, but this time updating to 3.6.3 did not break any of my extensions.

      Comment by Eugene — 2012/11/04 @ 06:07

  15. I am currently using When I check for updates, it say that it is currently up-to-date. Do I have to d/l the entire program and help file again?

    Comment by Jason — 2012/11/03 @ 03:35

  16. Congretulations with an excellent release!

    Up to now no serious bugs from previous 3.6.X versions are appearing. It is as good as 3.5.5, but with new nice features.

    Comment by andisl — 2012/11/03 @ 10:24

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    Comment by Alfredo Parisi — 2012/11/04 @ 19:07

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  21. I appreciate the effort made by LibreOffice developers, who do a good job. However, I regret very much the interface aging office suite Open Source. It really is time we face something at this level. I would like to interface more sober, more modern, more adapted to the screen 16/9, new icons, etc.. Moreover, can we make proposals free design interface?

    Comment by Eddy Ulric-Gervaise — 2012/11/05 @ 09:48

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  24. I’m also having the issue where, in, no update is found when checking for updates. Why is this?

    Comment by UF — 2012/11/06 @ 02:51

  25. Nevertheless I have a full licenced MSOffice2010-pro, I try to use as much as possible LO, in respect to all that work of hundreds of people. My question: is it normal that loading or saving worksheet (1000lines, 15 columns) in LO-calc takes more that 3 times doing the same in MSExcel, or do I do something wrong?

    Comment by Georges Kuster — 2012/11/08 @ 23:10

  26. LibreOffice updates says that 3.6.3 is available, but automatic download of this update is currently not available. Click the down button to go to site and downlaod manually. I have always had to do this. I have never seen automatic update download anything. What good is this feature it the program can never use it?

    Comment by jason — 2012/11/10 @ 19:08

  27. nice work, gals and guys !

    However, did I miss another comment referring to the broken download of the portable version? It stops around 20 MB, same abort when updating from What gives?

    Also, the version number on the (this) release page is rather ‘succinct’ compared to the information found in the “About LibreOffice” box — mine says version build 58f22d5.
    My son asked if there was a version, and if there will be a or 7 version in public release, not mentioning the build number.
    What should I tell him to explain your version control numbering?

    Comment by jfjb — 2012/12/04 @ 16:24

    • PS. even the release note page does not give a detailed version numbering.

      Comment by jfjb — 2012/12/04 @ 16:28

  28. This has been explained several times, and should be clear for every LibreOffice user.

    Comment by Electronics Club Fans — 2012/12/21 @ 03:25

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    responses related to the woman race, such a because “I rarely like dark women, but they’re alluring. Let’s not make it acceptable for black people to call one another the N word while it’s unacceptable for anyone else to. They spend a lot of time and money on it so she will really appreciate it when you tell her how much you like it.

    Comment by Julie — 2012/12/21 @ 12:08

  30. I personally experienced two bugs. Automatic update for the version 3.6.3 is not available, if you want you can download it from the site manually. Hope developer come up with the solution as soon as possible.

    Comment by French Furniture — 2013/05/21 @ 09:58

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