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LibreOffice Conference 2013 Call for Locations

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Once a year, the LibreOffice Community hosts its annual, global community event, the LibreOffice Conference. After a successful Paris event in October 2011, and in the light of the Berlin Conference (October 16th to 19th), the venue for the upcoming year 2013 will be voted on by the community. By starting already now, we want to help the proponents of the 2013 event learn from the organizers of the 2012 event. Traditionally, the LibreOffice Conference takes place between September and November, with a preferred date of October.

The deadline for sending in your proposal is Monday, October 15th 2012, 23:59 UTC.

After receiving the applications, we will evaluate necessary preconditions, evaluate the validity and give applicants the chance to clarify vague details. In November or December, the LibreOffice community will vote on their preferred location, so the organizers have enough time for their preparations. Please do not vote on random locations but rather wait for the official announcement of the proposals and the voting mechanism.

For details on the requirements, and the process, please refer to the wiki page on

Again, the deadline is Monday, October 15th 2012, 23:59 UTC.



  1. I am sure this is off-topic. I am writing here because I cannot find the webmaster’s email address.

    I am trying to establish an account on the page
    but it has rejected my attempt to copy the security thingy. I have tried at least 20 times. I am out of patience. Please advise. (Many expletives deleted)

    Comment by Eli — 2012/08/17 @ 07:09

  2. Only a suggestion here, could not the next conference be hell in “Montreal” ?

    Kind regards,


    Comment by Richard — 2012/08/18 @ 17:57

    • I agree, it would be hell in Montreal. Should instead be held in San Francisco.

      Comment by Paul — 2012/08/21 @ 19:53

  3. Consider the beautiful, unspoiled majestic mountain-surrounded Flathead Valley, Montana…just miles from Glacier National Park, with fresh water lakes Flathead & Whitefish, Talley or Bitterroot Lake for water skiing, wave boarding.

    Comment by Ellen Weeks — 2012/08/27 @ 17:52

    • I forgot skiing, hiking, mountain biking, galleries to visit, etc….

      Comment by Ellen Weeks — 2012/08/27 @ 17:53

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    Comment by Ajay — 2012/09/01 @ 19:04

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