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The Document Foundation announces a Certification Program

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The Document Foundation announces a Certification Program
to foster the provision of professional services around LibreOffice

Berlin, May 7, 2012 – The Document Foundation announces the Certification Program, to foster the provision of professional services around LibreOffice and help the growth of the ecosystem of the world’s best free office suite. The program is outlined on the following page:

“The Certification Program will recognize the competence of individuals capable of developing and supporting LibreOffice, provide integration services around the suite, offer training and maintenance, and migrating enterprises deployments from proprietary to free software”, comments Italo Vignoli, Member of the Board of Directors of The Document Foundation. “TDF Certification is an opportunity for sponsors, TDF members and third parties, to build a business around LibreOffice, to help companies of any kind and size to get the most out of the best free office suite ever”.

The Certification Program will be overseen by the Board of Directors, through a Certification Committee coordinated by Italo Vignoli and composed by 10 people: Olivier Hallot and Charles Schulz for the Board of Directors; Sophie Gautier and Cor Nouws for the Membership Committee; Stephan Bergmann, Jan Holesovsky, Tim Janik and Björn Michaelsen for the developer’s community; Lothar Becker and Jacqueline Rahemipour for third parties.

The first certified developers and third parties will be announced in May during LinuxTag (Berlin, May 23-26), when the Certification Committee will meet for the first time. After the meeting, TDF will announce the roadmap for certification, including pre-requisites for third parties not involved in the project, and the first dates for trainings and exams.


  1. What is the certification fee and how does one apply?


    Comment by Leif Lodahl — 2012/05/07 @ 11:30

    • Hi Leif, the first meeting of the certification committee will decide about the fee, the trainings, the examinations and the application. It will happen at LinuxTag, and shortly after there will be another announcement about all these information.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/05/07 @ 11:53

  2. Great, I figth to do this with over 10 years. LibreOffice do it in 2 years, is excellent.
    We create tutorials, templates, macros and dictionaries in Spanish. We hope to be helpful for certification.

    Comment by j. Eduardo Moreno — 2012/05/07 @ 22:01

  3. I hope ECDL and ICDL cooperate in this effort to promote the interests of freedom and free software. ^_^

    Comment by Ian Besina — 2012/05/11 @ 01:34

  4. Good news! We would also be glad to see a free online certification course for users.

    Comment by erdener — 2012/05/11 @ 14:34

  5. Good news! We would be glad to see a free online certification course for users also.

    Comment by erdener — 2012/05/11 @ 14:35

    • In due time. We will concentrate on professional services at first, because they are necessary in order to grow the ecosystem around LibreOffice.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/05/11 @ 22:34

  6. The waiting time is over, but I don’t find any information about the certifications. How can I contact in order to get more information about all the certifications?

    Comment by RoboSapiens Sapiens — 2012/06/07 @ 19:31

    • We are progressing slowly, because we have had additional discussions inside the Certification Committee. TDF will be the first free software foundation supporting a certification program, and we must be absolutely confident about a large consensus inside the community.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/06/07 @ 21:14

      • When the Certification Committee finalizes certification criteria, will the creation of learning modules around these criteria be centralized, or will it be left up to the training provider?

        Comment by Bob McDonald (@bobmcdonald) — 2012/07/13 @ 03:18

  7. thnx for sharing

    Comment by raef — 2012/08/28 @ 06:25

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