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Filed under: Technology — Florian Effenberger @ 10:07

There is currently a discussion going on about removing our Facebook group in favor of a regular page. If you want to join the discussion, we look forward to your comments!


  1. I don’t use Facebook but LO! A LibreOffice discussion group should be available for everybody! “Libre” means also “No restriction”!

    Comment by Bruno Schäfer — 2012/05/07 @ 11:13

  2. I totally agree with Bruno. I do not use Facebook either and this is the same for may of my friends. The discussion group should be out of Facebook.

    Comment by Ramiro Arias — 2012/05/07 @ 12:09

  3. Like Bruno & Ramiro I do not use Facebook, so I concur with their thoughts.

    Comment by Paul Hutch — 2012/05/07 @ 15:43

  4. I too have never used Facebook, nor do I intend to, and therefore I agree that a LibreOffice group should not be limited to members of Facebook.

    Comment by Joe H — 2012/05/07 @ 16:07

    • I too do not use Facebook!!!!!

      Comment by roger — 2012/05/07 @ 16:21

  5. I have no account in Facebook …

    No one I would advise the use of Facebook …

    Facebook is a threat to the rights of privacy of all …

    Facebook gives me chills…


    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2012/05/07 @ 21:02

  6. I too do not use, and never will use facebook, so I also agree that the discussion group should not be on Facebook

    Comment by Tony — 2012/05/07 @ 21:31

  7. Before we get into endless threads about who likes Facebook and who doesn’t: I think it is very important to talk to people on whatever platform they are active, to spread the word about free software and open source. While I of course do prefer free platforms, that are transparent and open, I do recognize many people also use alternatives. And in order to not limit the scope of our message, to not exclude people from receiving it, I consider it crucial to also be active on networks like Facebook, for the good of our message.

    So, the question to discuss here is not whether to post at Facebook at all, but rather whether to have two pages there or only one.

    Comment by Florian Effenberger — 2012/05/07 @ 21:35

    • Oh sorry, I misunderstood your blog post.

      IMHO, if you are asking solely about having one or two Facebook pages then it’s best to not even mention it on the blog, keep it on Facebook only. Then I and other non-Facebook users won’t see it and respond.

      Comment by Paul Hutch — 2012/05/07 @ 22:14

      • :) He meant not two pages _there_ (on Facebook), rather one there _and_ one outside of Facebook.

        Comment by Mike Kaganski — 2012/05/08 @ 10:52

  8. As a longtime OpenOffice user (through various versions of Linux and MS Windows) before switching to LibreOffice, I would prefer the open forums for LO, like those I’m used to for OO users. I’ve been converting and educating users for years about the benefits of open source software, particularly OO and now LO.

    I will participate in LO Forums but not on Facebook.

    Comment by John Ellard — 2012/05/07 @ 22:53

  9. I do not use Facebook, and other things of that ilk…

    Comment by Gavin Flower — 2012/05/08 @ 11:16

  10. The internet didn’t started with facebook and facebook does not equal internet. Anybody who can access facebook can also access any other page on the free internet as well. No facebook please.

    Comment by Ben — 2012/05/08 @ 13:25

  11. Well, facebook is absolutely not the right place for that discussion. Maybe most of the non-facebook users do not have a facebook account and maybe these are the poeple that would like to see a “regular page”.

    Well, there should be something that anyone can access and that is accessible worldwide. Hm, let me think… I got it! The Internet! Remember? That thing before Facebook!

    Comment by Random non-facebook user — 2012/05/08 @ 13:42

  12. My office blocked facebook

    Comment by KC — 2012/05/09 @ 08:42

  13. I totally agree with most comments in here: discussions must not be limited to Facebook or other platform.

    Florian Effenberger is right when he says that it’s important to spread the word through as many different ways as possible, but important and critical decisions must be discussed in here, not in a “popular social networking website”. A lot of people will not create a Facebook account just to be part of a discussion, I personally will never do it.

    I never used and will never use Facebook. Free software is important to me, as is my privacy!

    If you wanna reach Facebook users to participate in a discussion, then just post in Facebook a note about the discussion going on and a link to LibreOffice website, where they can discuss it here. It far easier for Facebook users to discuss things here than we discuss things there.


    PS: Facebook is stupid! ;)

    Comment by Smith — 2012/05/10 @ 11:43

  14. I also do not use Facebook or have an account. I do not plan to start. A web page is the most basic Internet item that all internet users can access
    no matter what other systems they use

    Comment by Gary — 2012/05/12 @ 19:06

  15. If facebook is going to be the only place to discuss Libre Office development, I’ll just use MS Office.

    Comment by Martin Leddy — 2012/05/13 @ 04:23

    • Did anyone actually read my posting? ;-)
      As said, it is good to “pick up people” where they are. To spread the message about LibreOffice and free software, we also use Facebook, because it helps to reach an audience we would not reach otherwise.
      However, the only official communication and discussion channel was and is our mailing lists, so don’t worry.
      Comments like “I do not use Facebook” do not help this discussion at all.

      Comment by Florian Effenberger — 2012/05/13 @ 08:32

      • Yes, we did read your posting. The original one and your comment. Of course “it is very important to talk to people on whatever platform they are active, to spread the word about free software and open source.” Providing information on multiple channels, some open, some closed, is not the problem. But a problem arises when people are excluded from information or even worse are excluded from a discussion.
        To add my opinion to the discussion I am excluded from: Removing the facebook page/group/whatsoever is not necessary. BUT: The information has to be the same on all channels or less on the “closed” channels with a link to the complete “open” channel(s). Discussions etc. may NOT take place on the “closed” channels because you wont’s get all the opinions from all dedicated users. Think about which individuals choose “closed” channels as for example facebook: People who have no problem giving details about their private life to a company so this company can profit and earn money with it. Should we rely only on those opinions?
        I remember the good old times when webmasters used to follow the WCAG ( ) to make the information as accessible as possible. But now I have to bind myself to a company to even join the discussion about whether to be using the services of this company or not.

        Comment by Random non-facebook user — 2012/05/13 @ 12:08

    • I suspect that most of the people have only read the word FaceBook and reacted accordingly, without reading the text of the blog post. FaceBook is one of the several channels we are using to inform about the progress at The Document Foundation. It is not supposed to be a channel for discussion, and definitely not a channel to discuss LibreOffice development as we have a specific mailing list for this, which has been set up and is managed by the development team. Also, we prefer mailing lists for discussions, and it is exactly for this reason that we have created over 100 of them, but many people are using FaceBook and we would like to inform them as well in addition to the people following the other channels (which we prefer, and therefore are the best option: for instance, I read many mailing lists and I follow all the comments on the blog, but I do not follow the FaceBook account, and I will never engage in a discussion on that social network).

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/05/13 @ 20:41

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  17. I am 22 and despise facebook. Deleted my account and have no plans to join again. It is contributing to the demise of society and common decency, not to mention social skills. Keep it on the internet – where everyone can access.

    Comment by ibolovna — 2012/06/02 @ 12:44

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