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TDF now certified by CAcert

Filed under: Community — Florian Effenberger @ 12:30

Thanks to our friends from CAcert, The Document Foundation has officially passed the organization validation. More details are available in CAcert’s own blog post.


  1. This issue is necessary and very important, but let me quote the following:

    “As of October 2011, certificates issued by CAcert are not as useful in web browsers as certificates issued by commercial CAs such as VeriSign, because most installed web browsers do not distribute CAcert’s root certificate. Thus, for most web users, a certificate signed by CAcert behaves like a self-signed certificate. There was discussion for inclusion of CAcert’s root certificate in Mozilla and derivatives (such as Mozilla Firefox) but CAcert withdrew its request for inclusion at the end of April 2007.[7] This was after an audit was suspended in December 2006 because CAcert needed to improve their management system.” – Wikipedia @ ><.

    Being so the thing for Internet / LibreOffice users, my question is: What is the scope of the certification of CAcert for TDF?

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2012/04/16 @ 18:06

    • It’s for signing e-mails and documents (ODF/PDF). With all other CAs, creating sub-certificates is insanely expensive. For the end-user website, we use StartSSL, which is recognized by all major browsers.

      Comment by Florian Effenberger — 2012/04/16 @ 19:23

      • It signature meant to be able to allow signing of hybrid ODF/PDF format please? Is such signing as a feature already available in LO current release, please? Or it allow to incorporate such option in future?

        Comment by Sergejs Ušakovs — 2012/04/22 @ 16:01

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