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Filed under: Community — Florian Effenberger @ 09:33

Have you seen the new Ask LibreOffice support page already?


  1. The new site is down according to is also down (not just hella-slow as it normally is).

    Please change your bug handling system. Filing bugs with clear descriptions, screenshots and what not often results in NOTHING. No replies. No dev updates. No nothing! The bug submission system is like a big black hole. I’m convinced that a part of the problem is the extremely slow bug handling site, all the complex and non-explained options and settings i the forms and how hard it is to get an overview or filter bugs effectively.

    Add a really simple voting system where people kan vote up bugs/requests they feel are important. Promise in advance to take a specia l look at solving the “bug of the month” i.e. the one with the most votes that month.

    Add an incentives system where people easily can make targetted donations conditioned on a specific bug being fixed. Whoever fixes the bug gets the reward minus a share that goes to LibreOffice in general.

    Create dedicated blogs for each program in the LO suite and have developers interact with people on a regular basis: talk about the future, alternatives, and so on.

    LO still is very much an extreme elite project. The threshold to contribute is extremely high. If you’re not a great programmer with full knowledge of the ins and outs of the web site jungle you can contribute very little. That is extreme in comparison to other great open source projects. Look and learn from these three:

    That what I hope LibreOffice would become. A lot of levels of complexity where any user can find something to contribute and where there is feedback and activity on all levels.

    Comment by kone — 2012/02/18 @ 11:01

  2. What is the status of Java support in LO… Apple has depreciated Java in OSX. The next OS 10.8 will be out this summer and I want to know if this breaks LibO on OSX as of 10.8?

    Comment by davefilms — 2012/02/19 @ 21:11

    • Have you looked at MySQL database? It is Open Source/Free and is available for Apple, a bunch of Linuxs and Windows. It is available at

      Also when I tried to install 3.5 it only installed Writer, Calc and 1 other and when I clicked on Help/About it showed it as Version 3.4, so I think it still needs a lot of work yet.

      Comment by Gerald Brown — 2012/02/27 @ 10:21

  3. Are you actually going to release a 3.5.0 version that does not identify itself as 3.5.0rc3? I know you say the rc3 is the latest, and the QUOTE Released version UNQUOTE are the same, but it is a bit daunting to see a download touting a FINAL, and when it is installed it is a damned release candidate!
    The other thing, when I start 3.5.0(rc3) by clicking on an *.xls file in a folder, all i get is an error stating that there was a problem and a ‘recovery’ would be attempted the next time LO is started. WELL! that failed as well! So, I’m thinking you folks got a ways to go with this one.
    SO>> for me, it’s back to 3.4.5 WHICH WORKED!
    If it wasn’t for the fact I need a database program, I’d just load in Gnumeric and AbiWord and forget this great large thing!

    Comment by Bill L — 2012/02/20 @ 02:15

  4. OK! What happened to my post regarding LO3.5.0?

    Comment by Bill L — 2012/02/20 @ 04:46

    • Never mind! It showed up after I hit the Post Comment button for this post

      Comment by Bill L — 2012/02/20 @ 04:47

  5. The new feature in Draw/Impress

    – a feature for embedding multimedia/colour palettes into ODF documents

    is really interesting.

    I really wish it would be added to Writer too, so an ott template would become much more powerful.

    I wonder whether this is already planned or even possible.
    Could not find any info regarding this.

    Comment by tino — 2012/02/21 @ 09:03

  6. […] eredeti bejelentés a TDF blogján olvasható. Címkék:ask, bejelentés, Document Foundation, dokumentáció, FAQ, fejlesztés, […]

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  7. Libre Office doesn’t work well with Headings.
    When I make a Heading 2 all paragraf above is making heading2. That is a serious bug.

    Comment by pety — 2012/02/23 @ 10:04

  8. The ppa update for Libreoffice for Ubuntu Lucid failed.

    The error referenced this:

    And it appears a help system related deb was not/can not be installed

    Comment by AC — 2012/02/24 @ 23:48

  9. The new ppa update for LibreOffice for Ubuntu Lucid is broken: the ‘print file directly’ toolbar icon points to ‘pdf’ rather than to the default printer.

    Comment by AC — 2012/02/28 @ 04:37

    • This can’t be reproduced by Ubuntu testers; are you certain that you didn’t press the “Export to PDF” button placed right next to the “Print File Directly” button ? :-)

      Comment by The Document Foundation Steering Committee — 2012/02/28 @ 14:42

  10. I cant log into…….on login in page, it just sits and spins asking….cant use any of the logins nor recover account. I deleted cookies and cache….running firefox
    Problem been around for a week now

    Comment by Ted Vojnovich — 2012/12/30 @ 22:14

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