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Another Award for LibreOffice

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LinuxQuestions members have awarded LibreOffice the title of Office Suite of the Year 2011, with over 80% of the 537 votes. LibreOffice is the winner with the highest percentage of votes, and Office Suites is one of the categories with most voters.

Looking at the poll, you can discover why LibreOffice is so popular amongst LinuxQuestions members, and why some of them still prefer to use other office suites.

POST UPDATED on February 11 at noon UTC.


  1. Well…

    Everybody knows that it is impossible to rebut the unshakable opinions of the Gnulinuxers… :D

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2012/02/10 @ 17:25

  2. in the libre office is problem with sorting option in librecalc. for example: put this in fields(L8,L9,L10…etc) this data: D B A A D D B? A C C? A A B A B A D? A B A? A A? D C B C D B and after sorting option its looks like: D A A A A A A A A A A? A? B B B B B B B? C C C C? D D D D D? you all see??? D is on the begening every time…

    Comment by infernovip — 2012/02/10 @ 21:49

    • Did you try to tell the software that the list does not include column labels? If D is interpreted as a column label, it will never be sorted. You should uncheck “Range contains column labels” in the Options page. Anyway, to solve software problems, you should write to the users@ mailing list. This is a blog and is not supposed to provide technical answers.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2012/02/10 @ 23:22

    • your right, there is a bug in sorting, I experienced it also, the first row is not affected.

      Comment by lover — 2012/02/12 @ 00:06

      • It is not a bug, it is a setting. You must uncheck “Range contains column labels” in the Options page.

        Comment by italovignoli — 2012/02/12 @ 00:10

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