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TDF announces the second bug hunting session to put first release candidate of LibreOffice 3.5 on the test bench

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The Internet, January 17, 2012 – Following the success of the first session, The Document Foundation (TDF) announces the second LibreOffice 3.5 bug hunting session, to be held in a virtual environment on January 21 and 22, 2012. This session will put the first Release Candidate of LibreOffice 3.5.0 on the test bench.

During the first session, organized in late December 2011, over 150 volunteer bug hunters have been able to file over 70 bugs, led by the “hero” Gustavo Pacheco, who has filed 10.
LibreOffice 3.5 will be announced in early February 2012. Thanks to a very large number of improvements and new functions, and to the background work of the developer’s community, it will be “the best free office suite ever”, ahead of any other competing product.

Participating is easy, and fun. Details are available on the wiki of The Document Foundation (, where is also possible to find a comprehensive list of LibreOffice 3.5 new and improved features (

All you need is a PC with Windows, MacOS X or Linux, and a LibreOffice 3.5 test version (which can be downloaded from, plus a lot of enthusiasm. Filing bugs will be extremely easy, thanks to the help of several experienced people who will be around to help users and supporters with tips, on the QA mailing list ( and on the IRC channel (irc://

At the end of the two days, The Document Foundation will award the title of Bug Hunting Hero to the individual who has been able to spot, report and file the most bugs (


  1. LibreOffice 3.5 does not include math!!!!!!!!! SQL lite extension does not work!!!!

    Comment by alex — 2012/01/21 @ 02:33

  2. Perhaps its because they only have the beta version aviable at the moment. wait until the actually Final version comes out dude

    Comment by codymiller1996 — 2012/01/22 @ 02:03

    • It’s a release candidate, not a beta.

      I noticed the redhat-menus package is missing from the desktop integration. I’d report it in bugzilla, but there’s no way to check for existing reports (apparently) without registering using an email address that won’t be obfuscated. No thanks, I don’t have any disposable email addresses!

      Comment by Rich — 2012/01/25 @ 16:56

  3. Hello

    I wan’t to help. I’m a long user of open-office (since version 1) and despite the improvements, there are some things to be done that can make diference.

    I have some suggestions. Here can I make the proposal?

    Best regards

    Hugo Pereira

    Comment by Hugo Pereira — 2012/01/30 @ 15:06

    • Hugo, I am only an user of Libreoffice, not an official member of the Foundation or of the Project. In any event, welcome! It is nice to have you on the boat.

      As per your question, no I don’t think that this comments section is the right place for suggestions.

      If you want to get involved with the trial of bug reports and feature requests, I think this is the way do so:

      Best regards,


      Comment by yeticannotski — 2012/01/31 @ 02:48

  4. Success? They still haven’t looked at any of the bug reports or discussion for the bug I submitted the first time.

    Comment by lanasth — 2012/01/31 @ 02:31

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