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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.4.4

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LibreOffice on stage at the Libre Software World Conference in Zaragoza

The Internet, November 9, 2011 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 3.4.4, an improved version of the award-winning free office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux. LibreOffice has recently won InfoWorld’s BOSSIE Award 2011 as Best of Open Source Software, and the Open World Forum Experiment Award of Most-Popular Software.

SUSE’s Andras Timar, who manages the LibreOffice localization effort, says, “Thanks to the contribution of Michael Bauer, a volunteer who took the long-time-abandoned Scottish Gaelic version and produced a complete UI translation in just a few months, LibreOffice 3.4.4 adds yet another native-language version, bringing the total to 105. This shows the unparalleled value of copyleft licenses for end user software, as LibreOffice is now the most-important office suite when it comes to protecting cultural heritage worldwide, especially when the number of native speakers is not sufficiently attractive for large corporations to devote localization resources to.”

Today, TDF and LibreOffice will also be on stage at the Libre Software World Conference (LSWC) in Zaragoza, where Jesus Corrius – a deputy member of the TDF Board of Directors – will keynote about “TDF: the home of LibreOffice”. LSWC is the most-prominent free software event in Spain, and the presence of a member of the TDF Board of Directors is a testimonial of the efforts that the project is devoting to developing a large and diverse Spanish-speaking community, in which each local community in Europe and the Americas can grow and thrive within a single global project.

LibreOffice 3.4.4 is available for immediate download from the following link: Extensions for LibreOffice are available from the following link:

Change logs are available at (fixed in and (fixed in


  1. Great news! :) Thank you!

    Comment by kneekoo — 2011/11/09 @ 15:07

  2. Too difficult to actually include links?

    On WordPress they can’t make adding them any easier. There’s a button that says ‘link’.

    Grumpy Haven’t-had-my-coffee-yet

    P.S. Thanks for the release!

    Comment by Grumpy Haven't-had-my-coffee-yet — 2011/11/09 @ 15:29

    • Links added. Sometimes, when you are in a hurry, you may forget to add them, especially if you are sending out the announcement, publishing the post, distributing the press release in English and translating the same into Italian, while all other human beings are having their lunch. Thanks for the heads up, anyway. Next time, get your coffee before writing your comment… Espresso is way better than American coffee, and will make you sweeter than honey.

      Comment by italovignoli — 2011/11/09 @ 16:24

      • Apologies for the tone – I should have handled it better. I agree about espresso – that’s actually what I consume. I use “coffee” in a generic sense to refer to caffeine.

        Grazie per passare il tempo su questo.

        Comment by Grumpy Had-my-coffee — 2011/11/09 @ 17:53

      • Don’t worry, I got the irony between the lines. Happy to see that you consume espresso, although the one that we get in Italy is way better than anything you can get in any other country. Please, refrain from Starbucks espresso, that’s coffee soup, and coffee beans should never be used for soup.

        Comment by italovignoli — 2011/11/09 @ 19:11

  3. What happened to the torrent?! The tracker isn’t authorizing downloads!?

    Comment by Carolina Calling — 2011/11/10 @ 16:19

  4. This is great. Working on a very long document (PhD thesis) and using zotero citations, the previous 3.4s versions were systematically crashing when closing my file. It works perfectly with this new version. This software is great! Thanks to all the developper teams. This was worth a donation to the TDF.

    Comment by Florent — 2011/11/11 @ 13:10

    • Even though I like LibreOffice, I’d never do anything longer than a dozen pages or so, definitely not a thesis/dissertation. I think you could try LyX + LaTeX, it works very well and the output is pretty much guaranteed to look the same even 10 years from now. My B.Sc. thesis is a decade old now, and I can open it in current version of LyX, make a PDF, and it looks exactly the same. You can probably find a LaTeX style for your institution’s dissertation format, it’s simple enough to let LyX know about it.

      Comment by Kuba — 2011/11/11 @ 18:20

    • @Florent: Thank you for confirming this release’s stability. I knew there were issues with 3.4 and I hoped for a fix. I’ll give it a try right away. :)

      Comment by kneekoo — 2011/11/11 @ 18:22

  5. No problems with the installation of this version…

    LibreOffice works better than ever …

    Well done!

    Only remains the strange behavior that I pointed out a few weeks ago: LibreOffice opens in background when completely Firefox cleans the records of web surfing, cookies, downloads, etc.

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2011/11/12 @ 02:21

  6. Is there any way to link directly the latest release in a language?

    I have a web page step by step that explains how to install LibO, but I’d like to make it “version independent”,

    It would be very useful to have “generic” so there’s no need to update the link when a new version is released. For example, in 3.4.3 it was

    and now (3.4.4) changed to

    If it existed a URL like

    (internally it could use symlinks, for example), external links pointing to the latest version would always work.

    Comment by Xavi Ivars — 2011/12/07 @ 19:24

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