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Help us to squeeze out bugs!

Filed under: Community — Florian Effenberger @ 15:06

For those interested in helping to squeeze out some bugs of LibreOffice, the community hosts monthly bug hunting sessions. The next one is tomorrow, September 6th. More details can be found at the respective wiki page.


  1. I do not know if this was a bug or if it was intentional. but LibreOffice does not accept the fonts that a person might have on their computer already. does not allow new fonts to be intergrated with the program. and one family of fonts is missing – script type fonts.
    I did not have this trouble with Openoffice. it would let me use the fonts I had already on my computer. I have several typefaces I would love to use in the program. but it will not let me do so. as in being able to search for any of the fonts I have installed.

    Comment by 1sangelia — 2011/09/05 @ 18:50

  2. I found when I open some pptx format document and save it as another pptx document, some of the graph is changed. That is very bad. I tried to save it as ppt format, then the graph is not changed.

    Comment by Chen Yi — 2011/09/06 @ 10:00

  3. Using swriter, when I search for text parts the program doesn’t recognize the dots, finding any type.
    Example: if I search for … the result will be the first 3 characters written on the page.
    I tried to uninstall and install again but the problem still presents itself.
    Can you help me?
    Thanks in any case

    Comment by Stefano — 2011/09/06 @ 22:35

  4. Assalam-o-‘alaikum, i have ubuntu 11.04 on nc6220 and enabled “spin down hard disks when possible” to save charge. Then i spent hours working on a document which at many intermediate points i saved. I worked mostly while the netbook was on battery power. Now that i open the file, it is blank with size 0b. The name of the document has been preserved. Two more things:
    1) The last time i saved the document i closed librewriter and force closed the netbook by holding down the power button.
    2)I saved the document to “documents”. When i open the folder it shows a message that
    “Operations on this folder are disabled since network connection is not found”
    even after i have an internet connection.

    Comment by Moh Ishaq — 2011/09/07 @ 01:35

  5. RTF files with embedded cells do not open properly. The text is all there, but the cells are messed up. LO 3.3 does not hve this issue.

    Comment by Josh L — 2011/09/07 @ 02:14

  6. When I clean the entire history of surfing done with Firefox 6x, occasionally LibreOffice 3.4x starts in the background. There seems to be a conflict with a Javascript.

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2011/09/07 @ 04:56

  7. When structuring a Dbase field with integer values (e.g. ID,N,8,0) and subsequently saving and closing the file in Calc, upon reopening the field format is changed (e.g. ID,N,4,2) for whatever reason. I am unaware if previous version of LO have this problem. Open Office 3.3.3 does not appear to have this issue.

    Comment by Steve — 2011/09/21 @ 13:48

  8. We are using open office in our company for office automation work and I have installed Libre office 3.4.3 version at some users to check the performance and features available in the product and our users provided me feedback this product is performing much better then open office suite. HTML rendering is very good in this product.

    Comment by sarwan — 2011/09/28 @ 04:25

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