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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.4.3

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The Internet, August 31, 2011 – The Document Foundation (TDF) maintains the speedy pace of LibreOffice development with the announcement of version 3.4.3, intended for enterprise deployments. The new release arrives two weeks after version 3.3.4 (intended for more-conservative users) and one month after the previous release of the 3.4 family, which provides a larger feature set based on cleaner and leaner code.

TDF maintains two editions of LibreOffice to satisfy the needs of a large and diverse user base, although we strongly recommend everyone to update to the 3.4 series in the near future. LibreOffice 3.4.2 has already been deployed by users at Itaipu Binacional in Brazil, the largest electrical power plant in the world, and has been key for the launch of a large migration project involving 25,000 desktops by Copenhagen hospitals in Denmark.

From September 2nd to September 4th, the LibreOffice community will host this year’s Hackfest together with the Linux Migration Project of the city of Munich in Germany ( The meeting has the objective of improving the collaboration between TDF and corporate users of LibreOffice, in order to better match the time based release schedule with the needs of organizations with very large deployments of the office suite.

LibreOffice 3.4.3 is immediately available for download in over 100 language versions from Change logs are available at and

In October, the community around TDF and LibreOffice will gather in Paris for the first LibreOffice Conference ( The keynotes and the agenda of the event will be announced soon, together with a program of workshops and trainings for TDF members. Participation in the event is free of charge, and only requires you to register at


  1. Congratulations! And thank you! :)

    Comment by kneekoo — 2011/08/31 @ 11:18

  2. I say “congratulations&thank you” too. I’m very happy to see how the project goes on.

    Comment by Francisco — 2011/08/31 @ 13:53

  3. Congrats.

    Ever since the split off from OpenOffice I wondered what happened and where I should go.

    For now I am still semi-undecided (I am slow) but I am following libreoffice much more than OpenOffice lately.

    Hopefully you guys can keep the code workflow, it’s a good sign!

    Comment by mark — 2011/08/31 @ 15:00

  4. Congratulations to the team of TDF, that a technological feat for humanity!.
    Hope to see the future the new graphical interface LibreOffice, that gives a new fresh and modern image of the future.

    Comment by Gerardo Sagbay — 2011/08/31 @ 15:48

  5. Parabéns pelo trabalho e por saciar nossa expectativa por constantes melhorias no LibreOffice.

    Comment by Maykel — 2011/08/31 @ 21:39

  6. So, to go from v3.4.2 to v3.4.3 I need to download the whole 189M installer?

    They’re called PATCHES, look into it.

    Comment by vonskippy — 2011/08/31 @ 22:05

    • I’d love this kind of updates as well but I guess it’s a bit too soon to expect them considering The Document Foundation still needs to gain strength.

      Comment by kneekoo — 2011/09/01 @ 10:32

    • I had a similar discussion with oo on irc some time ago…. they couldn’t understand that a patch approach keeps everyone more up to date and therefore the majority of users will just be applying the latest patch – everyone else can either download the latest or apply patches in stages 3.4.0->3.4.1->3.4.2->3.4.3

      Saves on the bandwidth bill and better for everyone….

      Comment by anon4cecn — 2011/09/02 @ 14:55

    • I’m sure you download a lot more then that just by watching a few videos on the net.

      Comment by ignorante — 2011/09/02 @ 17:49

      • then -> than

        Comment by ignorante — 2011/09/02 @ 17:53

      • What does watching video have to do with sloppy code work?

        It’s just plain bad coding to expect users to download a FULL INSTALL for a v0.0.1 update.

        Comment by vonskippy — 2011/09/02 @ 20:15

  7. the naming convention is hopeless and very confusing.. you have two versions, an OLD version, which only gets bug fixes and no new features and a NEW version which has new features and gets bug fixes as well..BOTH versions are version 3 !! how stupid..
    the old version should be V 3.whatever, more stability , less features
    the new version should be V 4 , more features and by V4.4 considered very stable..

    you MUST make this user friendly, V4.13 is easier to understand than V4.
    keep up the good work :-)

    Comment by Tim — 2011/09/01 @ 02:07

    • @Tim: If you are a regular user, I understand why the version numbers are not OK with you. Just look at the Microsoft Windows versioning:

      That’s even more confusing but still required for technical people for many reasons. LibreOffice could improve the version numbering but at that point it will have to come up with something radical in the user interface or the core features just to make a big difference in everyone’s head for more than numbers. Otherwise it will be confusing for all the others who are used to the current system.

      Comment by kneekoo — 2011/09/01 @ 10:29

  8. I want to view 3GPP documentation. but table, text box and picture are almost broken. please, fix this first.

    Comment by hoskim — 2011/09/01 @ 02:11

  9. I sure will download the new version tonight……

    Comment by Wilson Tam — 2011/09/01 @ 02:40

  10. Why the PPA of LibreOffice doesn’t get atualized????????????

    Comment by andresimi — 2011/09/01 @ 03:20

    • yep , i agree , i dont like when i nead all the time to uninstall old version , then unpack 3 files and put 4 commands in terminal , (vaste of time …) we nead ppa … please

      Comment by jiji12 — 2011/09/01 @ 10:28

      • I have ubuntu installed on 3 computers in home and another 3 on my family circle. To actualize LibreOffice i teached just to actualize the system, but know its too difficult for the oldladyes like my mom, and another linux/computer newbies like my cousins…
        I myself am still using the PPA version hoping it would get actualized.

        It was a good invension, please actualize the PPA!

        Congratulations for the great work, I hope LO improves very soon!

        Comment by andresimi — 2011/09/01 @ 15:03

  11. Any PPC Mac version of 3.4.3? It comes up with Null when you go to download it. I have a friend who still uses an older PPC Mac and I would like to keep him up to date.

    Keep up the good work guys. Can really see Libreoffice going from strength to strength. :)

    Comment by Gabriel — 2011/09/01 @ 11:46

  12. I want to know if I can write in network folders, the actual version have a bug. The documents have been saved in Krun local folder and not in the network. The error message is “Only can select local archives”.

    Comment by Wagner Hernández — 2011/09/01 @ 15:12

  13. SUPERB!!!

    LibreOffice 3.4.3 surpasses everything done up to now …

    My gratitude and congratulations to all the people who has been working for this release.

    Comment by DrakoDrakkonis — 2011/09/01 @ 21:23

  14. Have you fixed the runtime error in writer that has been around forever in the windows version?

    Comment by Dave — 2011/09/01 @ 22:48

    • I’m sorry for highlighting wrong issue. The problem with crashes of documents created with previous versions of libreoffice seems not to be associated with pivot tables, but with complex formulas! However, it is still terrible problem.

      Comment by Andis — 2011/09/07 @ 05:40

  15. Thank you for efforts and great product, however, there are still very serious regressions in pivot table function. The most of calc files created by previous versions of libreoffice or containing several pivot tables crashes on opening or refresh. I’m sure this is not a characteristic of ready to use product and I hope that someone will finally solve this issue or revert pivot table to previous version.

    Comment by Andis — 2011/09/02 @ 06:19

  16. Excellent but we need change Libreoffice GUİ. Congratulations!

    Comment by Al_Arabi — 2011/09/02 @ 13:06

  17. So you said : “version 3.4.3, intended for enterprise deployments”, and even the very basic spell checking function is bugged ! (No modules appears). That’s totally unacceptable !

    Comment by Akhenaton — 2011/09/02 @ 13:29

  18. Gracias por esta nueva revisión, ustedes hacen un gran trabajo.

    Thanks for this new revision, it’s a great job you are doing.

    Comment by Fabio Andres Correa Duran — 2011/09/03 @ 00:54

  19. @vonskippy, it takes time & resources to make binary patches. Those are better spent in making a better product than saving people some MB.

    Comment by ignorante — 2011/09/03 @ 02:47

  20. Its really nice to hear about this office suite, We planned to use this in place of openoffice for our enterprise. Again thanks to TDF team.

    Comment by sarwan — 2011/09/03 @ 07:12

  21. Yey, Global Menu integration. How about updating the PPA now?

    Comment by Lilian — 2011/09/03 @ 11:02

  22. Version 3.3.4 will still not properly import RTF files with embedded cells (Version 3.3.X does). While not a major issue with most people, the organization chooses to distribute files in this format in which I have to work with. I hope this gets resolved before 3.3 gets dropped.

    Comment by Josh L — 2011/09/03 @ 14:52

  23. I’m ok without binary patches and I don’t mind this way of version numbers. But it’s REALLY NECESSARY to have an EASIER WAY TO UPDATE LibreOffice versions. WHY NOT KEEPING PPAs UPDATED? Why not to have best integration with update manager (like Ubuntu one) by keeping UPDATED REPOSITORIES? If you keep your own computer, maybe it’s ok to download, uninstall, unpack, install, etc. But, as andresimi above, I keep LibreOffice in computers in my work and also in my family (around 18 computers), and it’s not easy for non experts to do it by themselves – and it’s a good work to do it one by one.
    Anyway, congratulation for LibreOffice, is a great work!

    Comment by Gustavo — 2011/09/03 @ 22:36

  24. On the patch update topic.
    I’m a home/work user with 3 computers. I drop by the blog about once a week to check for news (seems there is no RSS subscription?). Saw there was an update, checked the change-log, and decided not to bother updating because the changes (as I understood them) did not improve on the older version I have. If patches are a big issue, then I support continuing to improve the code first and foremost. Also, preventing downloads unless someone really cares to update probably does save bandwidth, (at ratios exceeding one 189M installer vs 100 2M patches) and may be a help to save money for the foundation. BUT, I’d guess a double digit percentage of those downloads are nice people installing LO on friend and family computers, and those installations will be frozen for years. So, keeping without auto updates/patches, in two years time you may have a very long tail of every version of LO ever made, and a number of people using very old versions that have no idea that their suffering (using a now fixed buggy feature) is no longer necessary.
    I’m quite happy with the Firefox/Thunderbird system, where every time I turn my machine on and connect to the internet, I know I have the latest, and standard, version.
    I would doubt my causal analysis is more insightful than what the very talented Doc Foundation programmers have already thought of though, so perhaps a new blog entry explaining the no auto update policy would be helpful?

    Comment by BWGIA — 2011/09/05 @ 01:30

  25. Really good to see Libreoffice improving so fast. Seems that the project has proven itself by now. Only gripe that I have is _like above_ that PPA for Ubuntu is not updated. Probably quite many users are using the PPA and this would give more testing and feedback to the whole Libreoffice community.

    Comment by Aethralis — 2011/09/05 @ 09:00

  26. Congratulations on putting out a solid and feature rich release, and for fixing some niggling bugs! It is now becoming more and more enterprise ready.

    Comment by Mike — 2011/09/07 @ 04:16

  27. The amd64 tar.gz still contain the 3.4.3rc2 instead of the final 3.4.3 release


    Comment by iadegesso — 2011/09/07 @ 12:55

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