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LibreOffice 3.3.3 is ready for download

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The Document Foundation announces the availability of LibreOffice 3.3.3, a new release of the most stable version of the free office suite for personal productivity, targeting corporate users. LibreOffice 3.3.3 is already available for download at the following address:

According to Thorsten Behrens, a developer and member of the TDF Steering Committee, “LibreOffice 3.3.3 fixes several bugs and improves the security of the suite, to specifically address the needs of corporate deployments, where stability is more important than new features. This branch will be maintained until the end of the year, to allow a smooth and safe transition to LibreOffice 3.4.x.”

LibreOffice 3.3.3 is available for Windows, MacOS X and Linux (DEB and RPM), in over 100 different languages (more than twice the language coverage of comparable proprietary products). Users of LibreOffice 3.3.2 are invited to update their software.

Press and Media Contacts

Florian Effenberger (based near Munich, Germany, UTC+1)
Phone: +49 8341 99660880 – Mobile: +49 151 14424108
E-mail: – Skype: floeff

Olivier Hallot (based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, UTC-3)
Mobile: +55 21 88228812

Charles H. Schulz (based in Paris, France, UTC+1)
Mobile: +33 6 98655424

Italo Vignoli (based in Milan, Italy, UTC+1)
VoIP: +39 02 320621813 – Mobile: +39 348 5653829
Skype: italovignoli – Google Talk:


  1. Well done! Thank you and all the best for v3.4!
    Is there any place where us non-programmers can find a list of differences/changes?

    Comment by Etienne Snyman — 2011/06/16 @ 12:20

  2. Nice release :)

    Just a question: home users had better to wait for 3.4.1 that adds new features to 3.3.x, but that can be considered stable in comparison with 3.4.0 vrather than using 3.3.3, isn’t it?

    Comment by Sleeping — 2011/06/16 @ 12:22

  3. I would like to ask: what is going on with the release process?

    in the past, prereleases were annonced on main page of LO website (on the blog section)
    somewhere along the 3.4 release candidates, this was no longer the case,
    and now the 3.3.3 rc2 version was not even released…


    Comment by Juan — 2011/06/16 @ 12:44

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  5. The LibreOffice 3.3.x series can’t embed “Bitstream Charter” typeface (when export as PDF A/1-a). Version 3.4, however, can do that job but this version is rather ‘buggy’ IMO — many crashes happen when opening complex documents containing almost a hundred pages and complex-scripts. I think, I’ll give this 3.3.3 a try. Thanks to the developers for this awesome office suite.

    Comment by Rizaqu Abu Abdillah — 2011/06/16 @ 15:34

  6. a changelog would be appreciated

    Comment by Tommy — 2011/06/16 @ 19:45

  7. […] Доступен корректирующий выпуск офисного пакета LibreOffice 3.3.3. В новой версии представлено только исправление ошибок и обновление файлов с переводами. Отдельно отмечается проведение работы по увеличению безопасности офисного пакета (устранение каких-то определенных уязвимостей не упоминается). Готовые установочные пакеты подготовлены в форматах deb и rpm. Версия LibreOffice 3.3.3 в настоящий момент рассчитана на тех, для кого стабильность важнее новых возможностей. Выпуск обновлений для ветки 3.3.x продлится до конца года. […]

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  11. Looks Good Guys. Also awaiting when openoffice and libreoffice will be combined

    Comment by ashwiniyer — 2011/06/17 @ 14:11

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  13. “the needs of corporate deployments, where stability is more important than new features.”
    I’m not a corporation, but I’ll take stability any day over new features…

    Comment by Nemo Inis — 2011/06/18 @ 03:38

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  15. Hello, Like many others I suppose, I switched from Open Office to Libre Office and I found it very satisfying. One regret though, the Help documentations in OOo seems far more furnished than in LO. I wonder if these materials were also under free licence and if it is possible to include them in a future version. One example among many others, in OOo, when I wanted documentation to automatically change special characters in a document, ($, \n, etc.), I could go to Aide/documents de textes/Recherche et remplacement/Utilisation des caractère. If I am not wrong, this documentation is not anymore in Libre Office ? If not, is it possible to have it in the 3.4 or 3.5 ?
    Cheers to all the DF team and developpers,

    Comment by Flobede — 2011/06/18 @ 08:26

  16. There are still serious regressions in DataPilot function and problems exporting complex documents with tables to doc format introduced with 3, which, actually, makes both LibreOffice ans rather useless in “multi-office” environment. Unfortunately, in spite of introduction of several great features, the latest stable version of OOO/LO is 2.4.3. I wish the same stability to future LibreOffice releases!

    Comment by Andis — 2011/06/18 @ 13:38

  17. Please add an update-function from within LibO as soon as possible and a possibility to report bugs from within LibO too.
    Because LibO-Calc “forgets” to calculate correctly when calculating zeros, I still have to use OO.

    Comment by IK — 2011/06/18 @ 15:44

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  19. teşekkürler.herşey çok güzel. ama bir sürüm yayındayken ikinci sürümü yayınlayıp sonra eski sürümün güncellendiğini görmemiştik.şimdi hangisini kullanacağımıza neye göre karar vermeliyiz? sonra bu iki sürüm birleşecek galiba..

    Comment by cengiz — 2011/06/18 @ 16:54

  20. Teşekkürler.. Güzel işler… Ama bir sürüm varken yeni sürüm çıkarıp sonra eski sürümü güncellemek daha önce görülmemiş bir işti. Şimdi hangi sürümü neye göre seçip kullanacağız? Bu iki sürüm birleştirilecek mi? Şimdi hangisi tavsiye edilir? Tekrar teşekkür :)

    Comment by Cengiz — 2011/06/18 @ 17:18

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