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Announcing a new beta release

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Today we are announcing the fifth beta release of LibreOffice 3.4.

In a slight change of communication strategy for our releases, from now on we will use the “announce” mailing list only for announcements of final and stable versions.

LibreOffice 3.4 Beta 5 is being announced on “projects”, “development” and “localization” mailing lists, in order to allow volunteers to perform the QA process. Also, the beta has been pre-announced on the community mailing lists for a first round of QA tests, to avoid the quality problems of the earlier 3.4 betas.

We feel that we need to clarify a few points here:

1. LibreOffice is the result of a collaborative development effort, and adopts a time based release model (such as other collaborative development projects like GNOME and KDE). This is rather different from the past at OOo, where most of the development was happening inside a closed group, and the time based release model frequently slipped.

Development Process

2. LibreOffice is free software, and is based on free tools. We are working to improve the day-to-day quality of our pre-release builds for Windows, with an ongoing migration to GNU Make as a first step to more reliable cross-compilations from Linux to Windows . Our aim, over time, is to make it easy to build releases for LibreOffice for anyone with some time and a PC. This is rather different from the past at OOo, where release builds came from a proprietary build environment run by a small team of build engineers.

3. Understanding the time based release model is critical to selecting the right release of LibreOffice for each situation:

3.1. For the most conservative users, we recommend a commercially supported version, which enables you to indirectly support the project’s development. Such stable versions will typically be based on a point release, such as LibreOffice 3.3.2 today;

3.2. For those interested in the bleeding edge, who want to enjoy new features and fixes, we recommend LibreOffice 3.4.0, release candidates, betas or even nightly builds, which enable a participation in the development, evaluation and quality control process;

3.3. Of course, as the 3.4 series matures, we will reach a point where we will recommend a 3.4.x release as being suitable even for the most conservative users.

Target Groups

This model should be familiar to many, from other Free Software projects, with vendors providing distinctive releases of the underlying software.

All this said, if you want to help us in building a more stable LibreOffice 3.4, you are kindly invited to join the projects, development and/or localization mailing lists and contribute to the process.

You can find the necessary information at the following links:

Together, we are cleaning up the code-base, improving our build and release process, and adding new features, with the pace of improvement accelerating. It is indeed a rewarding journey for all those who have decided to be part of it.



  1. Reading this news, I got to say, that you become closer to people :)
    You got the great plan to improve LibreOffice, release new version….
    I can’t wait to got this stuff, to talk you what we would like to see. It’s important thinks.

    You got real clean up the code-base, improve speed, NO JAVA, full compatibility whit MS Office format (it still not compatibility).
    Don’t luck on OpenOffice. You got own work! :-)

    Comment by Сергей — 2011/05/13 @ 11:18

    • The diference to OpenOffice is huge.
      Now the development is much clearer! :D

      Comment by Wellington — 2011/05/13 @ 12:56

  2. Will OpenType fonts be ever correctly supported in Linux version of LibreOffice (kerning etc.)? Without OpenType fonts LibreOffice+Linux can’t be a serious alternative to MS Office+Windows. OpenOffice developers said OpenType fonts support in Linux was not really important…

    Comment by Artwi — 2011/05/13 @ 16:16

  3. In the release notes it dishonesty claims that 3.4B5 for Windows can be installed in parallel to 3.3. When I installed 3.3B5 under Windows 7 IT REMOVED 3.3. Even after I removed it 3.4B5, reinstalled 3.3, then ran the 3.4B5 installer again and explicitly told it to install in a different folder, it still removed 3.3!

    Aside from the obvious reasons an experimental release should never overwrite a stable version, claiming it can be installed in parallel when it can’t is false advertising!

    Comment by Ed — 2011/05/13 @ 17:31

    • I agree with you completely. I think Libre Office should have a fully version where they just focus on MS compatibility. I know that might suck but once Libre Office is fully compatible with MS Office I can finally get rid of my Windows Partition :)

      Comment by Stefan — 2011/05/14 @ 16:06

  4. I want to say that when serious documents – formatting is different (MS Word-LibreOffice (OpenOffice is to)).
    Some people with a serious documents not know that a new page begins with the rupture. They just move to a new page key Enter. When viewing MS Office Word and LibreOffice – the documents are different. Goes text :(
    Please fix it.
    Sometimes bullets list is not correctly reflection in Word from LibreOffice (OpenOffice is to).

    Sorry for my English. I’m from Ukraine. :)

    Comment by Сергей — 2011/05/14 @ 08:32

  5. I am interested in LibreOffice as I have produced learning material for schools etc. in the dutch enviremont, e.g. The Netherlands and Belgium for OpenOffice.
    Via Google I found out, that Orcle has finally stopped the sponsering of Are you sure, that that statement will be hold and that there will be no further development of In other words, “ is dead” and “Long live LibreOffice”. Is that a very shortr description of the status of OpenOffice and LibreOffice?

    Waiting for ypur answer,

    Paul van Tooren

    Comment by Paul van Tooren — 2011/05/14 @ 09:38

    • Hoi Paul,

      If Oracle writes it will stop to handle as it were a commercial product, but will hand it all over to a community, a foundation or something like that, you can be pretty sure that they will do so. Oracle is not the kind of company that submits ad random announcements ;-)
      However, that does not mean per see that the name will disappear. I guess only future will learn how it will look like…

      PS. Education… idea to join ?

      Comment by Cor Nouws — 2011/05/14 @ 12:39

  6. PROTIP: Asking questions in a blog post’s comment will NOT get you an answer (most likely). Go make a post to one of the mailing lists! (choose carefully).

    Comment by Anonymous — 2011/05/14 @ 12:36

  7. would be great to have an evernote like module…

    Comment by kernelkoda — 2011/05/14 @ 22:12

  8. question re protip: why have a comment section at all then, if it only risks giving the false impression of willingness to communicate with users?

    Comment by joe — 2011/05/14 @ 23:39

  9. Keen as I am to try Beta5, I am frustrated because there is apparently no link to download it by. Help please?

    Comment by Basil Fernie — 2011/05/15 @ 12:28

  10. @ Basil Ferne

    Comment by Sten — 2011/05/15 @ 15:48

    • Thanks – download in progress!

      Comment by Basil Fernie — 2011/05/15 @ 16:52

  11. Shame it isn’t tested properly. Saving to a .doc, .docx and/or rtf file doesn’t work at all (no filters included).

    Comment by DMX — 2011/05/15 @ 19:13

  12. If you’re having problems with file formats, either contribute to this bug (for ppt) or start another bug for doc files, but try to provide simple test case docs like this ppt export bug as it will help.

    Comment by Rygle — 2011/05/16 @ 14:37

  13. And possibly add your new bug as a dependency for this meta-bug if you think it’s an important”blocker” for this release.

    Comment by Rygle — 2011/05/16 @ 14:39

  14. Here is lag: table not full compatibility. Formating in MS Office conflict when is editin in LiboOffice (or OpenOffice). Sometimes the pages in document cant stop. If pages 54 in LiboOffice then MS Office is calculate more the 54… more….

    Fix this!

    Comment by Сергей — 2011/05/18 @ 06:43

  15. man, Oracle sure blew their chances..
    Long Live LibreOffice ! :)

    Comment by rick — 2011/05/19 @ 01:59

  16. I really like the feature that lets you convert a document to a pdf. As a matter of fact, that is the main reason that I use OpenOffice.

    Comment by markv — 2011/10/11 @ 20:20

  17. I think for this project you really need some programming skills, Cause, i read that the commerical version can customise. So i think you either outsource or program this Libre Office. I mean it may mean it is less expensive for a small to mid size company to customise it rather than buy a expensive license for the similar functions.

    Anthony Zheng Gao
    Canon Powershot E1

    Comment by Zheng Gao — 2011/10/29 @ 08:31

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