The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.0.5

Berlin, August 22, 2013 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 4.0.5 for Windows, OS X and Linux, the fifth minor release of the stable LibreOffice 4.0 family. Users of the now-end-of-life LibreOffice 3.6 series are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

LibreOffice 4.0.5 fixes more than 90 bugs, many of them in the area of interoperability with proprietary document formats and operating systems. Thanks to the work of our QA volunteers, LibreOffice 4.0.5 also solves a number of regressions from earlier releases. Just recently, the QA community has concluded their first triage contest, thereby cutting down the number of untriaged and unreviewed bugs significantly. That has contributed greatly to an even more confident assessment of the LibreOffice quality.

The new release is available for immediate download from the following link:

Change logs are available at the following links: (fixed in and (fixed in


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