LibreOffice launches extension and templates repository for public beta test

Developers invited to contribute their add-ons
Community-based review process ensures quality and reliability

LibreOffice, the free office productivity suite, can be enhanced with hundreds of extensions and templates. Users can download these smart extras to improve the suite’s functionality to fit their job or hobby, and developers can easily write their own add-ons and share it with millions of users worldwide.

Since, at the moment, there is no reliable and stable source for downloading these handy add-ons, the LibreOffice community has put great efforts into launching a public repository. It does not only provide extensions and templates for LibreOffice, but also for and other compatible office suites. Users of these can benefit from the work and the commitment of our community, and are invited to have a look at recent versions of our product, which already has included has the most popular extensions, and comes with many new features.

The new site is now in public beta testing at

and has been created in cooperation with the Plone community, on whose technology it is based. To ensure the quality and reliability of the offered extensions, a community-based review process is currently set in place: Community volunteers test and review available extensions, and those meeting criteria of quality will be tagged accordingly.

We warmly invite all developers to submit their extensions and fill the repository, where millions of users worldwide will be able to download and benefit from their work. All extensions submitted during the public beta test will remain in the repository after the beta test, so this is your chance to join the efforts right from the beginning!

LibreOffice remains committed to providing users with quality software authored under free software licenses, and, as such, our catalogue of extensions and templates are published under free software licenses.


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