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The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 4.0.2

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Berlin, April 4, 2013 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 4.0.2, for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, the third release of the LibreOffice 4.0 family that fixes several small bugs and glitches.

This is another important milestone in the process of improving the quality and stability of the bleeding edge version of LibreOffice, and facilitating the migration process to free software. The Document Foundation has recently published a white paper to provide a reference roadmap for migrations to LibreOffice, which is available here:

To foster the development of LibreOffice, The Document Foundation needs your support! There is a dedicated donation page at that lists various options to contribute to the budget of the charitable entity.

LibreOffice 4.0.2 is available for immediate download from the following link: Extensions for LibreOffice are available from the following link:

The change log is available at (fixed in and (fixed in


  1. Please FIX THIS BUG:
    It absolutely is a severe problem for me and all who uses Arabic scripts.

    Comment by Amin — 2013/04/04 @ 10:58

    • I don’t really think that it’s productive or useful to bring one’s pet bug over to a blog post. Putting it simple, bugs, as always, get fixed when one developer finds the time to do so.

      Comment by Fitoschido — 2013/04/04 @ 11:39

      • As much as I’d like to push my pet bug here (46447) I’m wondering whether it’s even necessary to open official announcements like these to comments from the general public. Usually there’s nothing substantial to add. We all agree that LibreOffice is a great project (I seriously believe that!) and we all know that, unfortunately, there are some serious bugs.

        Comment by Dirk — 2013/04/10 @ 03:36

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  12. are you plannıng to add maıl program lıke outlook?

    Comment by Cüneyt Deniz KÜHEYLAN — 2013/04/06 @ 18:05

    • Perhaps LO should have a mail program, but keep in mind that the open source world already has Thunderbird and Evolution, which are reasonably hefty mail clients. Having once worked in the corporate world with Outlook, I find Thunderbird to be reliable and more than adequate.

      Comment by Pierce Randall — 2013/04/08 @ 21:44

  13. LibreOffice 4 should not have been released so quickly.

    Table borders are not perfectly connected (thin dividers visible in high res printing or PDF conversion) [38635 regression]. Or the Arabic justification text problem [35320 regression]. Or even worse, documents containing OLE vector graphics (such as the company logo in most business documents) cannot be printed correctly [61913 regressions].

    The main issue here is that all of these used to work correctly. OpenOffice 3.4 or the very old LibreOffice versions work fine!

    Nevertheless, the decision was made to release it. But as these bugs have been reported, new minor but “stable” versions are being released as well. That doesn’t make sense. I’ve gone back to OpenOffice 3.4 and will not switch back until this insensible release policy is corrected. TDF can play and tweak with the code as it sees fit but releasing a “stable” version that fails to do basic stuff right is irresponsible.

    Comment by Panos Stokas — 2013/04/11 @ 06:35

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  15. In LOWriter, Format Character provides in the Fonts tab ‘Western text font’ and ‘CLT font’. Its a marvelous feature. India has many CLT languages and we always need to translate many books from one CLT to another CLT, sometimes giving word to word translation. Hence, there ‘CLT font’ option should be like CLT1 font, CLT2 font at a time. So that we can apply paragraph formatting for two CLTs at a time. Presently, there are two options but one needs to be Western text font.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2013/04/19 @ 09:08

  16. In LOWrtier, Format Paintbrush has single click and double click functions. However, when you want to set a keyboard short cut, its just for single click. Double click also should have keyboard shortcut facility. Moreover, there is not way to create keyboard shortcut for painting the format picked up by Format Paintbrush. For pasting also, paste text formatting and paste paragraph formatting should have separate keyboard shortcuts.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2013/04/19 @ 09:13

  17. In LOWriter, its possible to give border to a paragraph. However, a feature for giving border to some text in a paragraph is also a necessity which is not yet there in LO.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2013/04/19 @ 09:19

  18. Split window feature for LOWriter is a must. There is New Widow option, but split window is split window.

    Comment by Googly Googly — 2013/04/19 @ 09:20

  19. Libre Office 4 is a better release however some issue are still remains, Border formatting in Cal, Files saved in increases when saved in Xls format ( Big issue ). There should be a lite release of application which can be used on RDS servers.

    Comment by indiathinktank — 2013/05/04 @ 14:46

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