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LibreOffice 3.5.6 is available

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The Document Foundation is proud to announce that as of today, LibreOffice 3.5.6 is available.

The 3.5 series is currently being maintained in parallel to our newly released version 3.6, and is dedicated to more conservative users. Today’s release fixes a number of bugs, and is the recommended version for all users of the 3.5 series.

LibreOffice 3.5.6 is available for download on various platforms and in many languages at

Detailed technical change logs are available at:

The worldwide LibreOffice Conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, from October 17th to 19th, 2012. It is supported by the German Federal Ministries of the Interior and of Economics and Technology, Details are available at

The Document Foundation welcomes contributions and financial donations to the project:


  1. The link to download 3.5.6 actually links to the download for 3.6

    Comment by Val Pither — 2012/08/15 @ 11:42

    • Look for “Change System, Version or Language” link there then

      Comment by Phorious — 2012/08/15 @ 16:31

  2. I can find release notes for 3.5.5 and 3.6 but not for 3.5.6.

    Comment by Danny Evans — 2012/08/15 @ 13:50

  3. I’ve downloaded version 3.6 and installed it and it doesn’t start thereafter. I uninstalled Libre Office and then re downloaded it and installed it and the same problem again. So, I’m having to download v 3.5.5 now..

    The error on the start reads

    Unhandled exception:
    filef:///C:/Program…/../share/extensions/wiki-publisher/components.rdb: duplicate

    I only have a rather basic level of knowledge and hence, seek your assistance ….

    Comment by Ramanjit Singh Lamba — 2012/08/15 @ 17:36

    • i m also facing same problem

      Comment by pushpendra — 2012/08/23 @ 08:05

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  7. How do yo download 3.5.5? I only find 3.5.6 or 3.6.0, notes recommend to use 3.5.5.

    Comment by Nancy — 2012/08/20 @ 04:01

  8. The install packages seem completely mixed up. I downloaded 3.5.6 and installed it. It installed 3.5.5 instead, but only because I had that .msi file in the same directory. I deleted both and downloaded 3.6.0. When that tries to install, it says it can’t find the installation package LibO_3.5.5_Win_x86install_multi.msi. No wonder it can’t find it; it’s supposed to be installing the other one! If I restore the 3.5.5 msi from the Recycle Bin, the install works, but install 3.5.5! Same thing happens if I try the 3.5.6 package.

    Comment by Dennis Beach — 2012/08/21 @ 01:22

  9. It is too bad that doesn’t release the legacy builds anymore! Would have been great if we could have used the 3.5.x branch awhile longer ’cause it’s more stable!!! But they only focus on 3.6.x!

    Comment by Steffen — 2012/08/22 @ 00:11

  10. 3.6.0 (GB Eng) is a disaster for me; it glitches Windows Explorer into an endless error loop.
    Win7-64hp. Had to use system restore in safe mode.

    Comment by Dick Holford — 2012/08/22 @ 03:46

  11. Switched to 3.5.6 – some hesitations but eventually installed ok.

    Comment by Dick Holford — 2012/08/22 @ 04:05

  12. I tried to install 3.6 (both 3.6.0 and 3.6.1-rc1). No Go! Trying to run the report builder, LO crashed on 3.6.0. 3.6.1 wouldn’t even start up on my Linux-Debian-Wheezy and Linux-Mint-Maya systems. I gave up on 3.6 and installed 3.5.6…

    Comment by H. Stoellinger — 2012/08/22 @ 06:12

  13. I agree with the above: 3.6.0 (US) start throttling the CPU at 100% (“system” in task manager) when opening an director with even one .ods file in it… And “Process Explorer” shows “interrupts” running like crazy… 75% and the rest 25% is “System”. What is going wrong? I mention that 3.6.0 was run on XP SP3 (in a VM on VirtualBox ) without many updates… I was lazy… After uninstalling 3.6.0, everything went normal. So I had to choose an earlier version. That’s why I’m here. A BIG disappointing from LibreOffice last version… 3.6.0

    Comment by Geonny — 2012/08/22 @ 13:01

  14. Hi LibreOffice crew. I hope that you will take notice of the previous comments. Please correct the situation immediately, otherwise, would be new users will be turned away, and LibreOffice will earn a bad reputation. Make sure all the links point in the right direction, packages install properly, and correct documentation is supplied. Do not allow such “sloppy” organisation to become the standard.

    Comment by Cecram — 2012/08/23 @ 00:47

  15. I agree with Cecram totaly too. It is incredible, that a new version shall be available and don’t funftions :( !!

    Comment by gswd — 2012/08/23 @ 15:58

  16. Hi LibreOffice Team! So what about pointing out to do even the legacy builds? What does the community think about doing them?

    Comment by Steffen — 2012/08/23 @ 23:54

  17. I removed 3.5 from my computer and installed 3.6, which does NOT open. This is the first problem I have encountered in years of using LibreOffice and its ancestors. This is the first time LibreOffice presented a product to the public that is a 100% failure.

    Comment by Alan Houston — 2012/08/24 @ 06:15

    • Don’t give up so quickly… Just re-start it. I use v3.6 (, Build ID 932b512) and it runs just fine, once you’ve figured out this trick… I’ve had this same problem on all my (Windows) computers, it quits the first time you start it after installation. I agree it needs to be fixed, but for now, just start it again…

      Comment by careldude — 2012/08/25 @ 08:34

      • I have installed 3.6 and 3.6.1 three times and all 3.6 release consistently won’t run at all. After years of successful use of Libreoffice, I’m thinking of giving up entirely. I can’t even find 3.5.6 to re-install it so that I have something to use while 3.6 gets repaired.

        Comment by Dennis Anderson — 2012/09/10 @ 04:09

      • Have you tried re-starting without re-installing? Haven’t tried 3.6.1 yet myself, will do soon.

        Comment by careldude — 2012/09/10 @ 14:04

      • Did you tried to erase the LibreOffice configuration folder?

        I think it’s in C:\Users\”YOU”\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice

        In Win7

        In my case, LibO 3.6 starts, but when I installed it, it erased all my biobliography database and customiced color pallets ¬_¬ I was so lucky to have a backup.

        Comment by Phorious — 2012/09/10 @ 14:01

  18. There should NEVER BE MORE THAN ONE RELEASE OF A product. I am tempted to return to Open Office 3.4.1.

    Comment by DJBname — 2012/08/26 @ 14:59

    • That is pretty funny.
      I deinstalled LibreOffice 3.4 when it came out and only have used v. 3.3 for nearly four years now. Sloppy QA/QC, push releases, are killing this work. I feel for the techs who need to push this out …but still…..

      Comment by christopher p. brezovic — 2012/08/27 @ 07:06

    • Strange things are happening in the download section.
      In fact, beside to the problem concerning the official release 3.5.6, since yesterday there is also a problem with the 3.6.1 prerelease.
      I mean: if you go in download/prereleases section, then you have a title advertising you can download 3.6.1RC1 release and if you want to know “what is new”, you see that the “release notes” file points to 3.6.1RC1.
      However if you go few lines below, then you can see that you can download (as I did) 3.6.1RC2!
      So I suspect that the maintainer is on vacation and who is in charge for his/her substitution has some problems in updating pages…

      Comment by Leopoldo Saggin — 2012/08/27 @ 12:09

  19. Bis dato hatte ich keine Probleme mit der Installation. Aber diese version 3.5.6 stürzt ab, nur wenn man die Hilfe aufruft.? das kann doch nicht sein!

    Comment by Engelbert Huber — 2012/08/28 @ 15:24

  20. I hope that some of you considering returning to Open Office, will, reconsider the move.

    I have just successfully installed and run LibreOffice version 3.5.6-rc2, with no issue so far, on the following two platforms:

    1: Debian GNU+Linux “Squeeze” X86-64, U.S. Keymap.
    2: MS Windows XP “Professional” X86, U.S. Keymap.

    I also included the English-U.S. Help pack for both platforms. All good so far.

    I tend to do a complete removal of previous versions on both platforms, before updating.

    Comment by Cecram — 2012/08/30 @ 04:35

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