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LibreOffice 3.3.1 Release Candidate available

Filed under: Announcements — Florian Effenberger @ 13:43

The Document Foundation is happy to announce the release candidate of LibreOffice 3.3.1. This release candidate is the first in a series of frequent bugfix releases on top of our LibreOffice 3.3 product. Please be aware that LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC1 is not yet ready for production use, you should continue to use LibreOffice for that.

The Release Candidate 1 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X from our QA builds download page at

More details can be found in the announcement.


  1. A upgrade instructions will be available for upgrading from 3.3.0 to 3.3.1?

    Comment by Ringo — 2011/02/11 @ 21:15

  2. It seems that LibreOffice is moving very fast. Well done! Is there a place for requests for new features. I haven’t found it yet.

    Comment by pko — 2011/02/12 @ 09:15

  3. […] LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC1 is released. You will mostly notice the new icons unless you are the part of the people who were affected by one of the several bugs that got fixed. The Document Foundation is going to come back on a more regular work on its community and project building. Now that the 3.3 release is gone we will have (supposedly) more time to work on the Foundation and further implement our policies, bylaws, etc. Stay tuned for announcements! […]

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  4. Really well done on this. I wasn’t expecting an RC package for 3.3.1 yet. But, I notice that the deb X86 packages are not available. Any idea when they will be ready for download?

    Comment by TerryW — 2011/02/14 @ 08:46

    • No sooner do I ask the question than the x86 debs appear. For a community that sprang into being only a few months ago this is really impressive.

      Comment by TerryW — 2011/02/14 @ 19:12

  5. Can you please use the free StatusNet instead or in conjunction with your twitter feeds? Thank you for respecting freedom! peath

    Comment by — 2011/02/14 @ 17:47

  6. I don’t know where else to post this, but…the forum section for LibreOffice is completely broken:
    I’ve signed up, but can’t post anything. Nor did I receive an email from the forum after signing up.
    The forum will be helpful to report bugs and request features.

    Comment by TJ — 2011/02/14 @ 20:51

  7. Hi I would like to know when the final version of LibreOffice 3.3.1 RC1 since I have it installed and it’s going very well, but as I read some news would be talking to the 3.3.1 final on 14 February, someone Sabai tell me if it will be soon.

    Comment by teoagct — 2011/02/15 @ 16:12

  8. Good its ok for study! be rate please.

    Comment by Putu — 2011/02/16 @ 06:46

  9. LO 3.3 looks good, but it seems very slow (Win 7 pro 32bit, 3GB). How can I increase performance / speed (without hardware modifications)?

    Comment by G. — 2011/02/16 @ 08:54

  10. Give more memory to the programm!

    Comment by Luca — 2011/02/16 @ 11:58

  11. Hi,
    It’s better to change to other in order to be perfect.

    Comment by George Grozdanov — 2011/02/16 @ 14:19

  12. Congrats! Indeed LO is running VERY fast on Linux (Ubuntu Lucid
    Seems bug I posted (FreeDesktop Bugzilla – Bug 33915) has been resolved. Go on like this and LO will be the best Office-Suite in galaxy.

    Comment by reinhard lamsfuss — 2011/02/16 @ 20:39

  13. Do you still continue to rely on Oracle-Java or longer for this version and depend only on OpenJDK, because Oracle could be that the idea of changing the license to Java and start harass or sue or something to the project?

    Comment by JFS — 2011/02/21 @ 21:45

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