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LibreOffice 3.3 Release Candidate 3 available

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Dear Community,

The Document Foundation is happy to announce the third release candidate of LibreOffice 3.3. This release candidate is not intended for production use! The final release of LibreOffice 3.3, for production use, will be available soon.

The Release Candidate 3 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X from our download page at

Should you find bugs, please report them to the FreeDesktop Bugzilla:

If you want to get involved with this exciting project, you can contribute code:

translate LibreOffice to your language:

or just donate:

A list of known issues with RC3 is available from our wiki:

Finally, let us express a BIG Thank You! to the following 89 individuals who have contributed to the LibreOffice source code and translations repository between Beta 3 and RC3:

Abduqadir Sahran
Alexey Doroshenko
Andras Timar
Andre Schnabel
Andrew C. E. Dent
An Drouizig
Arjuna Rao Chavala
A S Alam
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
Bruno Gallart
Caolán McNamara
Cédric Bosdonnat
Cheng-Chia Tseng
Chris Halls
Christian Lippka
Christoph Noack
Daniel Rentz
David Tardon
Dean Lee
Denis Arnaud
Dirk Voelzke
Eike Rathke
Florian Reuter
Freek de Kruijf
Fridrich Štrba
Giuseppe Castagno
Hanno Meyer-Thurow
Harri Pitkänen
Herbert Duerr
Hossein Noorikhah
Ingo Schmidt
Jan Holesovsky
Jeongkyu Kim
Jesús Corrius
Jonas Finnemann Jensen
Juergen Schmidt
Kalman Szalai
Katarina Machalkova
Kohei Yoshida
Kurt Zenker
Laszlo Nemeth
Leif Lodahl
Luboš Luňák
Martin Srebotnjak
Matthias Klose
Mattias Johnsson
Michael Meeks
Michael Stahl
Mihkel Tõnnov
Mikhail Voytenko
Miklos Vajna
Milos Sramek
Muthu Subramanian K
Niklas Nebel
Niko Rönkkö
Noel Power
Oliver Bolte
Ocke Janssen
Olav Dahlum
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
Olivier Hallot
Oliver Specht
Paolo Pozzan
Pau Iranzo
Petr Mladek
Philipp Lohmann
Radek Doulik
Rene Engelhard
Rhoslyn Prys
Robert Nagy
Robert Sedak
Santiago Bosio
Stephan Bergmann
Sebastian Spaeth
Sven Jacobi
Sophie Gautier
Stuart Swales
Sveinn í Felli
Takeshi Abe
Thomas Klausner
Thomas Lange
Thorsten Behrens
Tor Lillqvist
Xuacu Saturio
Yaron Shahrabani
Yifan J


The Steering Committee of The Document Foundation


  1. Glad to see that this is not the final release! We need the new nice icons from the blog before it can be final^^

    Comment by Funk — 2011/01/13 @ 12:36

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  3. Great news!

    Now i expect the italian site in the “international sites” section!

    Comment by andrabbiato — 2011/01/13 @ 15:15

  4. […] RC 3 is nu beschikbaar voor download, zo werd het gemeld op documentfoundation […]

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  5. List of changes:

    Comment by Changelog — 2011/01/13 @ 16:30

  6. Congratulations, and thank you for the amazing job on LibO.

    For Debian-based Linux distributions, here is a quite complete installation guide:

    Hope it helps!

    Comment by Johannes — 2011/01/13 @ 18:36

  7. Tell me: Why is this old font “Times New Roman” still the standard font?! I know that I can change it, however this font is far >>>too<<< old to ever be used again! Your enemy named Microsoft does it far better and uses NEW and NICE fonts!!!

    Comment by Funk — 2011/01/13 @ 19:21

  8. Download and install, so great…Launch as quickly as they could.


    Comment by Houge — 2011/01/14 @ 04:04

  9. congrats on LibreOffice 3.3 Release Candidate 3

    Comment by abis abis — 2011/01/14 @ 09:08

  10. Many thanks to the LibreOffice developers!

    The Windows version of this release appears to be significantly improved over the beta releases when it comes to font rendering, which for me as a journalist and editor is critical. It is for this reason that I’ve been mostly using Microsoft Office 2010 with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional on a Lenovo X201 tablet PC. Now I don’t make use of most of the whizzy features in Office 2010, and feel that OneNote is a solution looking for a problem, but I like the Microsoft office suite as it is well designed, and easy on the eye when used for hours at a time. Hopefully, at some point in the near future, I can switch full-time to LibreOffice.

    There is one minor thing that bugs me, even though it is only an aesthetic matter. That is, desktop thumbnails on Windows 7 do not have a transparent background, unlike, say, those for PDF files. Is there any way of fixing this?

    Comment by Francis Sedgemore — 2011/01/14 @ 11:32

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  15. Great .. but i think we nead update reminder inside libreoffice :D or auto updater …

    Comment by Qui — 2011/01/15 @ 15:55

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  18. I am new here. What is different between OpenOffice and LibreOffice ?
    Can this support all type of Microsoft Office files format ?

    Comment by Printa — 2011/01/20 @ 18:02

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