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LibOCon 2012 Proposals

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Following our public Call for Locations, two proposals for hosting the LibreOffice Conference 2012, the annual gathering of the community, have been sent in. In alphabetical order, the proposals are:

Thank you very much to all candidates for their work and efforts!

We now invite the candidates and the community to discuss the proposals on our public discuss mailing list, where further questions can be asked, and where the applicants can give more details. Following this discussion, there will soon be an election that is scheduled to run for one week, where all members of The Document Foundation can vote. The final location of the LibreOffice Conference 2012 will then be announced soon.

Candidates who did not manage to send in their proposals in time, and those who are unsuccessful in this election, are invited to apply again for the next years’ conference, where the call for location will end this August.


LibreOffice DevRoom at FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels

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The Internet, January 24, 2012 – TDF and LibreOffice will be on stage at FOSDEM 2012 conference in Brussels, Belgium, on February 4 and 5, with a dedicated track and a booth where it will be possible to meet developers and other volunteers and ask for information about contributing to the project.

Michael Meeks, member of TDF Board of Directors, says: “We’re honored to be hosted at FOSDEM again, the key event for Free Software hackers in Europe, and we’ve lined up a large number of our core contributors to give talks and mentor interested hackers”.

LibreOffice has just surpassed the number of 390 code contributors completely new to the project since the announcement on September 28, 2010. The 400th new code contributor might be announced at FOSDEM, and will be awarded a free LibreOffice T-Shirt.

Libreoffice newcommitters

With an average of close to 80 code contributors per month since January 2011, LibreOffice has been one of the largest Free Software projects during the last year (source: Ohloh).


TDF announces the second bug hunting session to put first release candidate of LibreOffice 3.5 on the test bench

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The Internet, January 17, 2012 – Following the success of the first session, The Document Foundation (TDF) announces the second LibreOffice 3.5 bug hunting session, to be held in a virtual environment on January 21 and 22, 2012. This session will put the first Release Candidate of LibreOffice 3.5.0 on the test bench.

During the first session, organized in late December 2011, over 150 volunteer bug hunters have been able to file over 70 bugs, led by the “hero” Gustavo Pacheco, who has filed 10.
LibreOffice 3.5 will be announced in early February 2012. Thanks to a very large number of improvements and new functions, and to the background work of the developer’s community, it will be “the best free office suite ever”, ahead of any other competing product.

Participating is easy, and fun. Details are available on the wiki of The Document Foundation (, where is also possible to find a comprehensive list of LibreOffice 3.5 new and improved features (

All you need is a PC with Windows, MacOS X or Linux, and a LibreOffice 3.5 test version (which can be downloaded from, plus a lot of enthusiasm. Filing bugs will be extremely easy, thanks to the help of several experienced people who will be around to help users and supporters with tips, on the QA mailing list ( and on the IRC channel (irc://

At the end of the two days, The Document Foundation will award the title of Bug Hunting Hero to the individual who has been able to spot, report and file the most bugs (


The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.4.5

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The Internet, January 16, 2012 – The Document Foundation (TDF) announces LibreOffice 3.4.5, a new improved version of the award-winning free office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux, solving a number of bugs and further improving the stability of the program.

LibreOffice 3.4.5 represents the best choice for a free office suite for every user, including conservative corporate users who were still deploying LibreOffice 3.3.4.

In 2011, LibreOffice has won InfoWorld’s BOSSIE Award 2011 as Best of Open Source Software, and the Open World Forum Experiment Award of Most-Popular Software. The awards are a demonstration of the key improvements brought to the legacy code by a small army of close to 400 TDF developers.

LibreOffice 3.4.5 is available for immediate download from the following link: Extensions for LibreOffice are available from the following link:

Change logs are available at (fixed in and (fixed in


One more week…

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…to apply for hosting the LibreOffice Conference 2012. More details can be found in our Call for Location.


Marketing Conference Call in January

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Much time has passed since the last marketing conference call, and this is not the only reason to start this year with coordinating our marketing efforts for 2012. ;-)

Italo and me would like to invite all of you to participate in a phone conference to discuss on what we have achieved so far, and on what the plans for this year will be. After we have built a good basis, and after we achieved many milestones as a strong community, it is time to reach out for more, and also to listen to each other, to hear about the situation, successes and needs in the various projects around the globe.

Everyone is invited – experienced marketeers as well as interested “newbies”. The call’s language will be English, and I expect it to last one hour, if needed also longer. To have enough time to plan on an agenda and to prepare, we would like to aim for a date in the last two weeks of January. I made some proposals on

and would like to ask all of you to indicate your availability there, in case you would like to join (which we hope! ;). The date with most possible participants will be chosen then and announced soon.

Looking forward to hearing all of you, wishing us a successful and healthy year 2012, filled with lots of positive surprises! ;)


LibreOffice Conference 2012 and 2013 Call for Locations

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As previously announced, The Document Foundation is currently running a Call for Locations for our annual, global community event, the LibreOffice Conference. After a successful event in Paris in October 2011, the venues for the next two years will be voted upon by the community.

The Call for Locations is about the venues for the next two conferences, to help the team of the 2013 event learn from the organizers of the 2012 event. Applicants are free to send in a proposal for both dates, or decide for one of the years. Applicants, whose proposal for 2012 was unsuccessful, are also eligible to propose again for 2013.

Traditionally, the LibreOffice Conference takes place between September and November, with a preferred date of October.

The deadlines for sending in your proposals are:

  • Sunday, January 22nd 2012, 23:59 UTC for the 2012 event
  • at the end of August 2012 for the 2013 event, details on this will follow soon

After receiving the applications, we will evaluate necessary preconditions, evaluate the validity and give applicants the chance to clarify vague details. In late January 2012, or early February 2012, the LibreOffice community will vote on their preferred location, so the organizers have enough time for their preparations. Please do not vote on random locations but rather wait for the official announcement of the proposals and the voting mechanism.

All details on the Call for Locations can be found in our wiki at

We’re looking forward to exciting proposals for the next Conferences!

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